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Manufacturers Index - Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Co.

Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Co.
Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
912,609 Feb. 16, 1909 Lathe-feed mechanism John R. Perrine Cincinnati, OH
1,029,313 Jun. 11, 1912 Feed-gearing John R. Perrine Cincinnati, OH
1,231,880 Jul. 03, 1917 Gearing Louis Thiel Clifton Heights, OH
    Gearing Nicholas W. Hagen Oakley, OH  
1,614,049 Jan. 11, 1927 Lathe Louis Thiel Cincinnati, OH
1,698,319 Jan. 08, 1929 Taper attachments Peter G. Quedens Blue Ash, OH
2,138,811 Dec. 06, 1938 Surface Hardening Lathe Bed Philber A. Abe Sidney, OH Toulmin & Toulmin - patent attorneys
My invention relates to a new article of manufacture for use as a lathe bed, and a process of producing it. It is my object to produce a lathe bed, which can be cast and machined, and thereafter be surface hardened. It is a further object to provide a novel alloy susceptible to the heat treatment and hardening process of this invention. It is my object to provide a type of material for use in lathe beds which can be surface hardened.
2,154,947 Apr. 18, 1939 Hardening Metal Surfaces Arthur H. Lloyd , England Application in Great Britain, 20 Jun 1936.
    Hardening Metal Surfaces Herbert H. Beeny , England  
2,157,948 May. 09, 1939 Hardening of Metal Surfaces Herbert H. Beeny , England Dyke, Calver & Gray - patent attorneys
This invention relates to the treatment of ferrous surfaces such as are capable of being hardened by being locally heated by means of a burner to a high temperature and then immediately cooled. The flame is progressively applied to the surface at a predetermined rate, the arrangement being such that there is not sufficient time for the heat to be conducted away to the interior of the article before the surface of the latter is quenched. The specification accompanying the co-pending patent application of myself and Arthur H. Lloyd, Serial No. 148,752 describes a particularly satisfactory burner and cooler for treating a ferrous (for example, a cast-iron) surface in this way, and also an unproved form of burner. It is now found that in treating the surface of a cast-iron V-rail in this way there is a tendency for cracks to form along the apex of the rail. This is probably due to the fact of the flames, acting on the flanks of the rail, heating the apex of the rail to too great an extent, this resulting in the apex of the rail being hardened to a greater depth than the flanks of the rail. When a V-rail is to be used as an inverted-V-rail for supporting a machine-tool slide, it is unnecessary for its apex to be hardened as the load is taken by the flanks of the rail. The present invention is concerned with the surface-hardening of the operative face of a V-rail, to be used for supporting a machine-tool slide or some other slide, by flame-heating the flanks of the rail and immediately thereafter cooling them, as specified above; and it involves means acting to prevent the apex of the rail from being hardened in this manner so that the hardened flanks of the rail will be separated from one another by a relatively soft surface along the apex of the rail. Preferably the said means includes a jet of water or other cooling medium arranged to impinge on the apex of the rail in the vicinity of where the flanks are being flame heated, the said jet preferably being directed backwardly. Conveniently the cooling medium from this jet is delivered at a higher pressure than that from the main jets.
2,220,002 Oct. 29, 1940 Heat Treating Martin Rollman Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH
    Heat Treating William A. Maddox Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH  
    Heat Treating Henry M. S. Binns Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH