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Manufacturers Index - Standard Electrical Tool Co.

Standard Electrical Tool Co.
Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.
Company Website: http://www.setcousa.com/
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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Standard Electrical Tool Co. was founded in 1912 by George Feltes. The original name was Standard Electric Tool Co., with both names being used in the mid-1920s. The company made precision portable electric tools and grinders, including bench grinders. Many of their products carried the "Cadet" name. In 1962 they sold their grinder/buffer line to Cincinnati Electrical Tool Co, which continued their manufacture. At some point Standard Electrical Tool changed their name to SETCO Industries, Inc., and under that name they are still in business, making precision spindles and slides.

Information Sources

  • Historical information is from the SETCO web site.
  • 1906-12-29 Electrical Review, in a list of new incorporations.
    CINCINNATI, OHIO—Millcreek Valley Electric Company. $10,000. lncorporators: George Feltes, D. H. Hauss, A. Smith, William Kling and Wilson Halin.
    The 1901-12-15 Street Railway Review mentions, "General manager Wagenhals, of the Hamilton, Glendale & Cincinnati Traction Co. and the Millcreek Valley Electric Co., has leased a piece of property ..." so it appears that Millcreek Valley Electric was not new in 1906; the firm apparently ran a street railway and so we presume that it is not a predecessor of Standard Electrical Tool Co.
  • A patent search back to 1920 did not turn up any patents assigned to "Standard Electrical Tool", though we did find a handful of patents assigned to SETCO, spanning 1965 through 2005.
  • 1927-09-08 American Machinist, in an article about exhibitors at the American Society for Steel Treating Exposition in Detroit.
    Standard Electrical Tool Co.—215. Electric drills; electric driven grinders; buffing and polishing machines. G. H. Feltes, pres. and treas.; C. C. McGill, dist. mgr., Detroit; R. C. Feltes, dist. mgr., Chicago.
  • The 1941-03-02 Cincinnati Enquirer mentions, "...brother served as President, with Richard Feltes as Vice President and Secretary until George Feltes's death three years ago..."
  • Thanks to Linn Wilbur for investigating the SETCO/Cincinnati connection in this OWWM discussion.
  • Serial numbering was sequential. Reference point: s/n 58595 was built in 1960.