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Manufacturers Index - Poly Products
Last Modified: Aug 5 2008 8:53PM by Jeff_Joslin
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This company apparently made a bench grinder, labeled, "POLY PRODUCTS" and either "MONROVIA, CALIF" or "PASADENA". They were very likely intended for rock grinding. We have not been able to narrow down their years of operation except that they ceased doing business some years ago.

Information Sources

  • Thanks to Jukka Konola for bringing this maker to our attention.
  • Thanks to R. E. Rinker for providing additional information: that they were also in Monrovia, and that they were likely used for rock grinding.
  • A Google search did not turn up any information on a "Poly Products" company that might have made a bench grinder.
  • A patent search did not find any patents to a company by this name, although several companies had "Poly Products" as part of their name.
  • A Monrovia, CA, company named Poly Enterprises is completely unrelated to Poly Products; the presence of "Poly" in both companies' names is just a coincidence.