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Manufacturers Index - Smalley Manufacturing Co.
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This company was in business from about 1857 and made agricultural implements including corn shredders, feed mills, vegetable slicers, etc. They also made sawing machines, including circular-saw bolters. It incorporated in 1887.

The company was established by Edmund Jewett Smalley as a foundry and blacksmith shop. His five sons (Paleman J., Herschel D., Clarence C., Edmund H., and Charles F.) joined him in business, but all sold out their interest except Charles Fremont Smalley, who took over upon his father's death in 1898. Apparently Clarence C. was an "expert machinist and designer of machinery", but he died young. Charles F. died in 1901, only three years after having taken over from his father. His wife, Carrie Smalley (nee Barnes) took over at that time, and remained president until at least 1911. The third generation of Smalleys, John F. and Chester F. were both active in the business at that time. The company survived until at least 1952.

Information Sources

  • Seen on eBay: an undated catalog that says "Since 1857" and "... for forty years".
  • History of Manitowoc County Wisconsin, by Dr. L. Falge, 1911-1912, available online at RootsWeb.
  • Another genealogy page has the above article plus another article from The History of Northern Wisconsin, Vol II, 1881.
  • A patent search from 1920 onwards revealed a 1952 patent assigned to this maker.
  • 1900 ad, picturing the "B. C. Self-Feed Drag Saw No. 2".
    Embraces Cutters for Ensilage and Dry Fodder.
    Grinding Mills for Ear Corn and Small Grain.
    Wood Saw Machines .
    Ten Sizes Circular Saws
    Battle Creek Bolting Mills. The Most Complete Line of WOOD SAW MACHINES Ever Made. ...
    SMALLEY MANUFACTURING CO., Sole Makers, Manitowoc, WIS."
  • From the Seventh Annual Cooperative Tractor Catalog, 1922, this firm is listed as a maker of "wood sawing machines".
  • The U. S. Forest Products Laboratory published a booklet dated March 1936, Operating small sawmills, methods, bibliography, and sources of equipment by C. J. Telford. A table lists the makers of various types of equipment, including circular sawmills, band sawmills, edgers, and planers. This company was listed as a maker of band sawmills.