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Manufacturers Index - Peter Gerlach & Co.

Peter Gerlach & Co.
Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
98,180 Dec. 21, 1869 Method of Heading Screws David T. Munger Waterbury, CT Construction differs from Washborne's patent in that formation is by using a preforated disk with the shank passing thru and then upset to secure the head and shank. This patent marking is reported on several manufacturer's saw medallions and it is likely that they made the nuts under license of the patent holders.
113,214 Mar. 28, 1871 Improvement in stave-jointers William Marriott Cleveland, OH The firm of Wm. Marriott & Co. of Cleveland became the Peter Gerlach Co. in 1870. As a guess we have listed Peter Gerlach Co. as a manufacturer of this invention.
    Improvement in stave-jointers John Sherman Cleveland, OH  
130,802 Aug. 27, 1872 Improvement in stave-sawing machines John Gerlach Cleveland, OH
    Improvement in stave-sawing machines Andrew Knipper Cleveland, OH  
    Improvement in stave-sawing machines Peter Gerlach Cleveland, OH  
190,574 May. 08, 1877 Improvement in crosscut-saw handles Peter Gerlach Cleveland, OH Peter Gerlach formed barrel-machinery maker Peter Gerlach & Co. in about 1871. It is not known whether they also produced crosscut saws.
191,158 May. 22, 1877 Improvement in machines for sawing staves Andrew Knipper Cleveland, OH "These improvements relate to cylindrical stave-sawing machines, being improvements on Patent granted to Peter Gerlach, John Gerlach, and Andrew Knipper, No. 130,802, August 27, 1872; and consists in the peculiar construction and arrangement of the gaging device whereby the same may be operated by a foot-lever for adjusting it to set the wooden block for cutting, more or less, as may be required, when starting on a new block."
303,997 Aug. 26, 1884 Saw-tooth Rudolph P. Gerlach Cleveland, OH
    Saw-tooth Frank Stahl Cleveland, OH  
316,301 Apr. 21, 1885 Shingle-sawing machine Frank Stahl Cleveland, OH
620,909 Mar. 14, 1899 Sod-trimmer Peter Gerlach Cleveland, OH
664,399 Dec. 25, 1900 Stave-sawing machine Frank Stahl Lakewood, OH
    Stave-sawing machine Rudolph P. Gerlach Cleveland, OH  
678,729 Jul. 16, 1901 Sawing or cutting machine Rudolph P. Gerlach Cleveland, OH
730,920 Jun. 16, 1903 Feeding apparatus for wood strips Peter J. Joecken Cleveland, OH
791,301 May. 30, 1905 Saw-gumming machine Frank Stahl Westpark, OH