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Manufacturers Index - Canadian Blower & Forge, Co. Ltd.

Canadian Blower & Forge, Co. Ltd.
Kitchener, ON, Canada
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery, Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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In 1903 the Canadian Buffalo Forge Co., Ltd. was established in Montreal as the Canadian subsidiary of Buffalo Forge Co. The company relocated to Berlin, Ontario in 1914, where it began to make drill presses and other machinery for the war effort. In April of 1915 a new company, Canadian Blower & Forge Co., Ltd., was incorporated with a half million dollars of capital, and it took over the assets of the Canadian Buffalo Forge Co.

"Berlin" was not a popular name during the Great War, and in 1916 the city was renamed to Kitchener. See the entry under Buffalo Forge for some of the subsequent history.

Drill presses from Canadian Blower & Forge are identical to those from Buffalo Forge, except for labeling. Manuals are available under the Buffalo Forge Co. entry, "Publication Reprints" tab.

We have seen a drill press labeled, "Buffalo 15" and "Canadian Blower / Canada Pumps Limited, Kitchener Ontario Canada". There is no "Canadian Buffalo" cast into the sides of the head.

Staff photo from 1943

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Information Sources

  • Thanks to Robert Hawkins for providing a scan of a cardboard label bearing the "Canadian Buffalo Forge Co., Ltd." label and the notations, "Incorporated 1903" and "Montreal".
  • A 1999 posting to an AnvilFire.com forum by Earl Gibson describes a blower: "The blower was made by Canadian Buffalo Forge Company, Berlin, Ontario, Canada".
  • An eBay auction for an anvil says that the anvil is marked, "CANADIAN BLOWER & FORGE CO.—BERLIN ONT."
  • A correspondent sent us pictures of a #155 post drill labeled, "Canadian Buffalo Forge Co. / Kitchener, Ont.". This combination doesn't make much sense because when Berlin changed its name to Kitchener a year after Canadian Buffalo Forge Co. had changed its name to Canadian Blower & Forge Co. But there it is, cast in iron.
  • Almost all the drill presses—and most of the other products—we have seen are labeled with the "Canadian Blower & Forge Co., Ltd." maker's name and a model name of "Canadian Buffalo".
  • The 1915 Canadian Industry, Commerce and Financelists, under "DRILLS, Blacksmiths'", "Canadian Buffalo Forge Co., Ltd., Montreal, Que".
  • The 1915-04-15 issue of Iron Age has the following item.
    The Canadian Blower & Forge Company, Ltd., Berlin, Ont., has been incorporated with a capital stock of $500,000 to manufacture engines, heating, ventilating and drying apparatus, blowers, forges, drills, punches, shears, etc. It will take over the assets of the Canadian Buffalo Forge Company, Ltd. The incorporators are William H. and Henry W. Wendt, John M. Chlpman and Charles A. Booth, all of Buffalo, N. Y., and Allan G. McAvity, Montreal.
  • The 1916-10-12 issue of Iron Age has this news item:
    The Canadian Buffalo Forge Company, Kitchener, Ont., will double the capacity of its plant. An addition, 50 x 100 ft. will be erected at a cost of $100,000. The company is engaged in the manufacture of munition machinery.
  • The 1916-11-30 issue of Iron Age has this news item:
    The Canadian Buffalo Forge Company, Kitchener, Ont., has started work on an addition, 100 x 150 ft., that will double the capacity of its plant. The new addition will cost $100,000.
  • Canadian industry, commerce, and finance; published as a companion volume to The Journal of Commerce, 1916, by J. J. Harpell: Lists Canadian Buffalo Forge Co., Ltd., Montreal, Que., as a producer of drill presses; blacksmiths' drills; tire benders; blacksmiths' blowers; pressure blowers; refuse burners; drying apparatus; marine engines; portable engines; waterworks pumping engines; electric fans; hot air heating apparatus; humidifiers; air pumps; centrifugal pumps; electric pumps; fire pumps; hydraulic pressure pumps; steampower pumps; hand and power tire pumps; turbine pumps; punches and punch couplings; shears and shear blades; blacksmiths' tools; cooling towers; ventilators; washers.
  • Thanks to Mike Ozbun for reporting his drill press labeled as "Canadian Blower / Canada Pumps Limited".