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Manufacturers Index - Langelier Manufacturing Co.

Langelier Manufacturing Co.
Providence, RI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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Founded about 1886, this 19th century firm made drill presses.

Courtesy of a posting on RootsWeb by Beth Hurd, we have the following extract from Industries and Wealth of the Principal Points in Rhode Island. being the city of Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls, Woonsocket, Newport, Narragansett Pier, Bristol & Westerly. New York: A. F. Parsons Publishing Co., 1892. (Page 100)

LANGELIER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Designers and Builders of Special Machinery and Tools, Nos. 67 and 69 Clifford Street.—For thoroughly expert work in machine construction and repairs, or for promptness and reliability, none in the business in Providence maintain a higher reputation than the Langelier Manufacturing Company, Nos. 67 and 69 Clifford Street. They are designers and builders of machinery, and rank among the foremost in their line in Rhode Island. The company turn out a distinctly superior class of reducing and swedging machine, multiple drilling machine, sensitive drills, speed lathes, power presses, ball rolling hammering machine and solder cutters, and gives particular attention to accurate work of all kinds. They also manufacture automatic disc-feed and dial-feed presses and horizontal closing press, with automatic dial-feed, and their productions are in extensive and growing use throughout the United States, being not surpassed for general excellence, by anything of the kind on the market. The Langelier Manufacturing Company, of which A. T. Langelier is president, and A. J. Langelier, his son, superintendent and manager, was established about six years ago, and from the start the enterprise has been a positive and permanent success. The shop, which is 36 x 100 feet in dimensions, is equipped with ample steam-power, lathes, and all the latest improved appliances, the facilities being first-class in every respect, and fifteen skilled hands are employed. Light machinery generally is designed and built to order in the most skillful manner at short notice, and perfect satisfaction is assured in every instance. All light machinery is repaired at short notice, likewise, all orders receiving immediate attention, and all work executed is warranted, while the prices charged by the company are of the most reasonable character for first-class work. The Messrs. Langelier are natives of Canada, and have been in this city for a number of years. They are both men of thorough, practical skill and ingenuity, experts in their line, and are masters of the machinists' art in all its branches.