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Manufacturers Index - Illinois Iron & Bolt Co.

Illinois Iron & Bolt Co.
Carpentersville, IL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
41,262 Jan. 12, 1864 Upsetting Tires Joseph Olmstead Chicago, IL
159,708 Feb. 09, 1875 Tire Upsetter Christian J. Reimold Saginaw, MI Chipman Houser & Co. - patent attorneys
This Tire Upsetter was advertised in the 1895 Charles A. Strelinger catalog from Detroit, MI.
It was also seen in an ad in The Blacksmith and Wheelwright magazine,Vol. XXXVII. No. 5, May 1898.
    Tire Upsetter Nolton Stoddard Saginaw, MI  
181,845 Sep. 05, 1876 Improvement in tire-upsetters tires Edward W. Holt Corinna, ME This patent tire shrinker was seen in an 1889 catalog from Illinois Iron & Bolt Co.
6,821 Nov. 24, 1876 Improvement in tire upsetters John George Mole Batavia, IL This is the Canadian version of US patent 196,923.
196,923 Nov. 06, 1877 Tire-upsetter John George Mole Batavia, IL See also Canada patent 6,821. The Mole Tire Shrinker was very popular and was available through the Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs until at least 1919. The three manufacturers listed are just the three that we know of; there are likely quite a few more. More research is need to determine who used the patent while it was still in force.
277,624 May. 15, 1883 Axle-skein Albert H. Southworth Lockport, NY
366,366 Jul. 12, 1887 Drilling-machine John Bailey Carpentersville, IL This patent date was seen on a "Bailey's No. 5 I. I. & B. Co." post drill.
366,367 Jul. 12, 1887 Hydraulic press John Bailey Carpentersville, IL
917,596 Apr. 06, 1909 Funnel George A. Hanly Woodstock, IL Co-assignee H. L. E. Peterson is believed to have manufactured this patent measuring funnel. He manufactured a radiator section assembly vise that he patented in December 1909, and that product was subsequently acquired and manufactured by Illinois Iron & Bolt Co. We have found no evidence that they made this funnel.
942,410 Dec. 07, 1909 Pressing device for push-nipple radiators Herman L. E. Peterson Elgin, IL We have seen ads for this patent device for assembling radiators. Beginning in 1908 it was manufactured by the inventor; in 1914 the rights were acquired by Illinois Iron & Bolt Co., who manufactured it as "The Peterson Push Nipple Radiator Vise".
1,203,780 Nov. 07, 1916 Drill Frederick L. Railbow Dundee, IL This chain drill is intended for drilling holes in steel I-beams.
1,242,793 Oct. 09, 1917 Draft connection for plows Joseph W. Gamble Omaha, NE
1,367,869 Feb. 08, 1921 Axle-assembly John F. Fierke Carpentersville, IL
2,047,300 Jul. 14, 1936 Method of making under-serrated mower sections Arthur L. Warner Elgin, IL
2,056,029 Sep. 29, 1936 Mower guard and plate securing means therefor Arthur L. Warner Elgin, IL
2,060,150 Nov. 10, 1936 Device for opening mower pitman straps Arthur L. Warner Elgin, IL
2,105,872 Jan. 18, 1938 Grinding machine Arthur L. Warner Carpentersville, IL This patent is for a grinder for harvester or mower blades.
2,123,757 Jul. 12, 1938 Pitman pin bearing Arthur L. Warner Elgin, IL "In the operation of mowers and reapers or the like in which cutting knives are rapidly reciprocated by a pitman, the crank pin that operates the pitman has a comparatively short throw. The pitman however has a rather rapid motion and a great deal of strain is placed upon the pin with the result that the connecting parts soon wear, become loose and rattle." The invention provides a mechanism to accommodate this wear and avoid rattling.
2,138,264 Nov. 29, 1938 Work holder for mower sections Arthur L. Warner Carpentersville, IL
2,217,742 Oct. 15, 1940 Pitman William R. Gillette Maywood, IL
2,218,930 Oct. 22, 1940 Automatic draft control Noel Cunningham East Dundee, IL Draft control for a solid-fuel burner.
2,338,971 Jan. 11, 1944 Grease separator Herman Milton Ross Chicago, IL