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Manufacturers Index - McDermott Brothers & Low
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
339,606 Apr. 06, 1886 Knife for cutter-heads John H. Wells New York, NY "The object of my invention is to provide a plow or analogous wood-working tool in such manner as to cause it to make a clean square cut when straight downward cuts are desired, and when applied to a cutter employed on a cutter-head will avoid heating and discoloration of the wood by friction.
"My invention consists in providing such plows or cutter with a narrow rib on the face in line with the part of the tool at which the straight downward cut is desired.
"It also consists in a cutter having the working-face side wider than the other, and having such face provided with the rib at the point of straight cut, as before stated.
"It also consists in a cutter inclined inward slightly from the cutting-edge toward the body of the tool."
A reported example is labeled, "McDERMOTT BRO'S & LOW NEW YORK WELL'S IMPROVED".