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Manufacturers Index - Buss Machine Works, Inc.

Buss Machine Works, Inc.
Marlboro, NH; Holland, MI; Grand Rapids, MI; Benton Harbor, MI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
10,821 Apr. 25, 1854 Improvement in fire-arms Charles Buss Marlborough, NH Buss went on to become a woodworking machinery manufacturer. He reportedly worked with Samuel Colt; in fact, one source alleges that Colt's original revolver patent (presumably either 1,304, or, more likely 7,629) was actually for Buss's design, but Buss did not have the financial means at the time to obtain the patent.
14,795 May. 06, 1856 Vise Charles Buss Marlboro, NH This invention is a handheld vise for holding small tapered objects, such as taper drills.
108,325 Oct. 18, 1870 Improvement in lathe-dogs Charles Buss Marlborough, NH Of interest because the inventor became a notable maker of woodworking machinery, especially planers.
161,749 Apr. 06, 1875 Improvement in planing-machines George F. Buss Marlborough, NH
    Improvement in planing-machines Charles Buss Marlborough, NH  
345,668 Jul. 20, 1886 Dadoing-machine George F. Buss Grand Rapids, MI
954,376 Apr. 05, 1910 Sectional chip-breaker for planing-machines Wendell R. Buss Grand Rapids, MI
957,186 May. 10, 1910 Journal-box Alva J. Fairbanks Holland, MI
    Journal-box Wendell R. Buss Grand Rapids, MI  
1,017,245 Feb. 13, 1912 Journal-box Nicholas Yonkman Holland, MI
    Journal-box Wendell R. Buss Grand Rapids, MI  
1,275,215 Aug. 13, 1918 Motor-drive for shapers Wendell R. Buss Holland, MI
1,625,881 Apr. 26, 1927 Sectional feed roller for woodworking machines M. Everett Dick Holland, MI
    Sectional feed roller for woodworking machines Wendell R. Buss Holland, MI  
1,651,013 Nov. 29, 1927 Motor-driven planer Wendell R. Buss Holland, MI
    Motor-driven planer Hadley N. Buss Holland, MI  
2,239,705 Apr. 29, 1941 Planer pressure shoe adjustment Eldon W. Dick Holland, MI
    Planer pressure shoe adjustment M. Everett Dick Holland, MI  
2,432,190 Dec. 09, 1947 Shearing bar for planing machines M. Everett Dick Holland, MI
2,595,483 May. 06, 1952 Vacuum center table for planers Jay C. Petter Holland, MI
2,604,128 Jul. 22, 1952 Planer feed roll Benjamin J. Diekema Holland, MI
    Planer feed roll M. Everett Dick Holland, MI  
2,664,124 Dec. 29, 1953 Microcontrol for top out-feed planer roll Walter Veersma Holland, MI
2,788,035 Apr. 09, 1957 Planer chip breaker micro control Walter Veersma Holland, MI