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Manufacturers Index - Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.
Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery, Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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Although Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. was best known as a maker of handheld pneumatic power tools—which are not within the scope of this website—they also made boring machines, sanding machines, bench grinders, tool post grinders, gas engines, and semi-diesel engines. They were in business 1895 through 1946, and probably before and after that range.

Please note that this web site is focused on machinery, and we cannot provide more information on this maker's handheld power tools.

From 1913-01-0 American Machinist

Information Sources

  • 1917 catalog from Machinists Supply Co. of Chicago includes four pages of "Duntley" electric drills, drill stands, portable grinders, and tool post grinders. Duntley was a brand of Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.
  • The Early American Industry Association (EAIA) Directory of American Toolmakers lists this firm as a maker of boring machines, drills, jacks, etc. "The made BOYER and NEW BOYER pneumatic hammers, MANNING sand-papering machines and WHITELAW boring machines, along with riveters, tube rollers/expanders/cutters, jacks, drills, printing machines, etc." The sources have dates of 1896 through 1946.
  • American Gasoline Engines Since 1872 by C. H. Wendel, Volume #1, 1983 page 98. Indicate "ca 1915" for this firm's engines.
  • The Complete Guide to Stationary Gas Engines by Mark Meincke, 1996 page 105
  • A history of Detroit's Dry Dock Engine Works (PDF) has a brief but enlightening passage about the impact of the 1890s introduction of the pneumatic riveter by this firm. Just search the document for "Chicago Pneumatic".
  • 1925 brochure advertised on eBay in Aug. 2019 for Giant Semi-Diesel Oil Engines