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Manufacturers Index - Burgess Vibrocrafters, Inc.

Burgess Vibrocrafters, Inc.
Lake Zurich, IL; Grayslake, IL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
2,346,474 Apr. 11, 1944 Engraving tool Miguel de la Torre New Haven, CT
D162,279 Mar. 06, 1951 Jigsaw Raymond H. Andresen Chicago, IL Listed under "other references" is "Montgomery Ward Catalog, Fall-Winter, 1948-49, page 1099, item F".
During 1949, Burgess Vibrocrafters had sold about 10,000 of the Atkins-designed saw of patent 161,025 that was manufactured by National Scientific Products Co. When National ceased manufacturing that saw late in '49, Burgess' bid for the manufacturing tooling and inventory was rejected in favor of Allen Atkins' bid, and so Burgess hired the Andresens to design a new hobbyist scrollsaw. This patent covers the resulting design. When Hoffman and Atkin's patent 161,025 was issued in 1950, Atkins threatened to sue various Burgess customers and distributors for infringement and Burgess sued for a declaratory judgement, which Atkins lost, his patent being declared invalid.
    Jigsaw Hilmar A. Andresen Chicago, IL  
2,848,021 Aug. 19, 1958 Power saw work hold-down attachment George R. Bell Glenview, IL
2,952,073 Sep. 13, 1960 Automatic electric can opener George L. Congdon Fort Atkinson, WI
RE24,994 May. 30, 1961 Automatic electric can opener George L. Congdon Fort Atkinson, WI
D192,614 Apr. 17, 1962 Engraving tool or the like Douglas W. Anderson Palatine, IL
D204,096 Mar. 15, 1966 Engraving tool or the like Douglas W. Anderson Palatine, IL
4,220,284 Sep. 02, 1980 Oscillating water sprinkler Dhananjay V. Chaphalkar Lindenhurst, IL The last patent issued to Burgess Vibrocrafters, a company that (among many other things) made some small consumer-grade woodworking machines.
    Oscillating water sprinkler Frank A. Smiesko McHenry, IL  
    Oscillating water sprinkler John L. Beiswenger Libertyville, IL