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Manufacturers Index - Burgess Vibrocrafters, Inc.

Burgess Vibrocrafters, Inc.
Lake Zurich, IL; Grayslake, IL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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This company made some small woodworking machines, including a combination scrollsaw and sander, and a 3-wheel bandsaw.

Burgess Vibrocrafters, Inc. (BVI) seems to have spun off from Burgess Battery Co. of Chicago.; the spinning off seems to have occurred between 1948 and 1951. Burgess Battery dates back to before 1920. Their activities were primarily focused on dry cells and flashlights. Their first patent related to power tools was from 1944, for an engraver.

The BVI name disappeared about 1980, and was replaced by Acme Burgess, which disappeared about 1984.

Parts and Service for BVI and Acme Burgess Products

This company made a variety of other products using vibratory motors, such as electric clippers. Such products are outside the scope of this web site, but we have received many inquiries asking for support for these products. Unfortunately, BVI is long gone, and parts and service are no longer available.

We still receive an excessive number of inquiries for this company, so let me say it again. PARTS AND SERVICE FOR BURGESS VIBROCRAFTERS PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Sorry!

Information Sources

  • 1950 patent for the design of a scrollsaw with a small disk sander low on the base.
  • An email correspondent reports a BVI "Tote-Saw", a portable table top bandsaw.
  • Correspondent Dennis Dunbar provided a patent number from his BVI engraver. That patent, granted in 1944, was assigned to Burgess Battery Co. of Chicago., which was presumably a predecessor to BVI.
  • Patents for Burgess Battery Co. span 1920 (and probably earlier: we can only search US patents back to 1920) through 1958. Patents for BVI span 1951 through 1980. Patents for Acme Burgess Inc. span 1982 through 1984. The Acme Burgess patents are for garden sprayers.