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Manufacturers Index - Sigourney Tool Co.

Sigourney Tool Co.
Hartford, CT, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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This company made small drill presses, including sensitive drills, which are used to drill small holes. They were in business from the 1880s (and possibly earlier) until the 1950s. At least in their later years their primary business was in book binding machinery.

Information Sources

  • A correspondent in Nashville, TN, reports seeing a pair of sensitive drills from this maker. Both are marked, "War Finish as Directed By Order #L-108-WPB" which means this company existed until World War II.
  • Correspondent Monty Curtis provided the following information: "I, at one time, worked for the Sigourney tool Co. as a turret lathe operator in about 1953. They were located on Sigourney Street in Hartford Connecticut. They did build drill presses but that was actually a small part of their business. Mostly, they built book manufacturing machines. They were most noted for their book sewing machine. They also, at that time, did some machining under government contracts."
  • Correspondent Andrew Fitzgibbon reports "Pratt & Whitney sold what they called a 'complete workshop unit' which was a large bench with a P&W precision bench lathe, P&W mill, and Sigourney No. 0 sensitive drill mounted to it, and large brackets to support line shafting for all machines. The drills were also available separately."