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Manufacturers Index - Ireland Machine & Foundry Co., Inc.

Ireland Machine & Foundry Co., Inc.
Norwich, NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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Image courtesy of Brian Szafranski

     In 1886, A. Bertsell Ireland, of Greene, NY, patented a shingle machine and a saw blade. His shingle machine (and probably the saw blade) were manufactured by Lyon Iron Works of Greene, NY. At some point, perhaps in the 1890s, manufacture moved to Ireland Machine & Foundry Co., Inc.

     Ireland's product line expanded to include a variety of sawmills and related machinery. Some of their machinery was sold by the John Deere Plow Co. The company survived until at least 1936.

Information Sources

  • 1928 catalog of 20 pages, "Ireland saw mills and saw mill machinery".
  • Auction listing for a 1929 brochure.
  • A 2000 posting to the stationary-engine list provides more information on A. B. Ireland:
    Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 17:11:11 -0500
    From: "Gerald Johnson"
    Subject: Off Topic: A Shingle Mill..FINALLY !!!!


    Well...my dream of owning a shingle mill is now a reality! The deed is done. Now all I have to do is figure out how to pay for it and get it here! I want to thank those list members who have been so kind to offer assistance in transportation from eastern Connecticut to western North Carolina. I am keeping all offers in mind as I try to figure out the best options. There is a remote possibility the seller might be able to get his buddy to deliver it most of the way.

    The mill has no markings other than the number 1860 on the frame. I think this is a foundry casting number and not a date. From the pictures I have, it appears to be manufactured by the A.B. Ireland Company of Norwiche, NY. The December, 1999 issue of GEM has an article on an Ireland mill that is a "second" model which is very similar to mine. I think the one I have bought may be a first model. Mine also has the separate jointer mechanism as does the one in GEM.

    I would like to find an owners manual if such a thing ever existed. If any list members have or know of any information relating to Ireland Shingle Mills, PLEASE let me know. I would like to gather all the information possible to aid me in the setting up and use of the mill. Thanks.

    Western North Carolina, USA
  • A now-expired posting on YesterdaysTractors.com provides a connection to John Deere Co.:
    Posted by Charlie Little on July 23, 2001:

    I have come across a cord wood saw that I am cleaning up. I am looking for info on paint color, age and getting a manual. I don't have any of the mounting hardware and need some info on mounting also. Cast into the body is " Ireland Machine & Foundry Co. Norwich NY.", "MFG For The John Deere Plow Co. W-83".
  • The U. S. Forest Products Laboratory published a booklet dated March 1936, Operating small sawmills, methods, bibliography, and sources of equipment by C. J. Telford. A table lists the makers of various types of equipment, including circular sawmills, band sawmills, edgers, and planers. This company was listed as a maker of circular sawmills.
  • From correspondent Alan Estus:
    ... I always found it interesting that the Lyon Iron Works would allow this machine to be named after the inventor as at the time A. Bertsell Ireland was an employee of that company. In 1906 he and his 2 sons left the Lyons Co. and started the Ireland Machine and Foundry Co. in Norwich. A couple of years ago I put my research in manuscript form, donated it to the Chenango County Historical Society (CCHS) and they had it published. The CCHS is at 45 Rexford St. in Norwich, NY 13815 (about a half block from where the Ireland Foundry used to be) and last I knew they sell the Ireland book for $15.00 plus S&H. Their phone # is 607-334-9227 for anyone interested in the Ireland Machine and Foundry Co. history.
    The Chenango County Historical Society website has this listing:
    B186 Ireland Machine & Foundry Company Norwich, New York A Company History, 1906-1942 Alan Estus This book details the development of this new company and tracks its products from 1906 until 1942, when the company merged with its neiboring industry, the Bennett Fireplace Company. 118 pages $15.00