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Manufacturers Index - Fisher & Norris

Fisher & Norris
Trenton, NJ, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
3,212 Aug. 11, 1843 Vise Elbridge G. Matthews Worcester, MA The 1852-04-10 Scientific American had an article on this vise and indicated that it was made by Fisher & Norris. "These vises are... made of the best quality of American cast iron, with the best steel indissolubly welded on to the bit of the jaws; the middle links of the rivets and chains are case-hardened, and the screw-pins, lever, and chain made of best refined iron. This principle of vise was patented, by Mr. Mathews, of Worcester, Mass., and since assigned by home to Messrs. Fisher & Norris, who are now engaged in their manufacture, and have given increased value to the original invention, by improving the form and proportions, and employing their own patent welding process to the jaws..." The patent for the welding process is 5,331.
5,331 Oct. 16, 1847 Improvement in Welding Cast-Iron to Malleable Iron or Steel William Martin Jr. Newport, ME Process patent describing how to successfully cast iron so that it is firmly welded to steel or malleable iron. By the early 1850s, Fisher & Norris were producing anvils and blacksmith vises with steel faces using this patented process. The image is from an 1852 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN writeup describing FISHER & NORRIS anvils and vises.
FISHER & NORRIS "EAGLE" anvils were based on this and succeeding related patents. The vises, known as "double screw" by Fisher & Norris collectors, are based on E. G. Matthews Aug. 11, 1843 patent no. 3,212.
    Improvement in Welding Cast-Iron to Malleable Iron or Steel Mark Fisher Newport, ME  
189,892 Apr. 24, 1877 Improvement in Cast Iron Anvils Clark Fisher Trenton, NJ The face plate for the horn is cast into and extends into the body of the anvil.

DAT reports that Eagle Anvil, Vise & Joint Works succeeded the Fisher & Norris Eagle Anvil Works and was operated by Clark Fisher, the son of Mark Fisher who established the earlier company.
365,678 Jun. 28, 1887 Anvil Clark Fisher Trenton, NJ The patented feature is the hard steel anvil top is made thicker at the corners and edges. In contemporary ads for the Fisher & Norris EAGLE anvil, this is listed as the most recent of three patents; the other two being dated April 24, 1877 (no. 189,892) and May 13, 1887. Fisher & Norris anvils with hard steel tops welded to cast metal evolved from William Martin, Jr. & Mark Fisher's Oct. 16, 1847 patent "Improvement in Welding Cast-Iron to Malleable Iron or Steel" (patent no. 5,331).