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Manufacturers Index - Stephens Patent Vise Co.
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The Stephens Parallel Vise, 1895

Originally named A.P. & M. Stephens & Co. circa 1870, the name had changed by 1873 to Stephens Patent Vise Co. The vise was widely advertised and sold for a variety of trades. According to an article in Hardware in 1900, Stephens vises were first manufactured by themselves, then by "Cook of Hartford," then by W. E. Snediker and National Vise and Tool Works. Tower & Lyon, a prominent New York City hardware firm, had the agency for Stephens vises in the 1890s. Another large New York City firm, Peter A. Frasse & Co., had sold Stephens vises in the mid-1870s. In 1906-07 it briefly owned its own vise factory, which it sold to G. M. Yost Manufacturing Co. in early 1907. Yost then manufactured its own Stephens Patent Automatic or Self Closing Jewelers’ Vises.

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