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Manufacturers Index - TAUCO Export Corp.
Last Modified: Dec 17 2010 1:58PM by Jeff_Joslin
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TAUCO (from "Tautz Co.") was created by Herb Tautz - the founder of Delta Manufacturing Co. - when he sold Delta to The Marshall Fields Co. in 1939. Tautz had retained the foreign distribution rights to the Delta line, and so you will see TAUCO Unisaws, etc., for sale in Australia, Latin American, Great Britain, etc. The machines were presumably built by Delta and rebadged for foreign sale.

TAUCO lasted until the late 1950s. If you have any information that sheds light on the years of operation of TAUCO, please let me know.

Information Sources

  • An early data point is a Delta manual dated 11-1-43 that includes information on TAUCO.
  • A correspondent in New Zealand reports a 1946 Tauco Machine Tools Catalogue.
  • The latest data point we have is a manual dated 8-15-57 with TAUCO distributor information in it.
  • Reported from the back of some Delta parts diagrams from the 1950s: "Foreign distribution is through TAUCO Export Corp, 38 Pearl Street, New York 4, NY to Puerto Rico and the Canal Zone and to all foreigh countries except Canada and the Philippine Islands."
  • A posting on the Shop forum of owwm.org by Gerald Buttigieg provides information on Tauco's South African operations.