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Manufacturers Index - Mummert-Dixon Co.

Mummert-Dixon Co.
Hanover, PA, U.S.A.
Company Website: http://www.caminnovation.com/
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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This company was founded sometime before 1909 by Joseph Owen Dixon and Ervin Samuel Mummert. They manufactured five different models of oilstone grinders for use in industrial shops and training schools.

In 1909 they were known as Mummert, Wolfe & Dixon Co.; by 1919 they were Mummert-Dixon Co.. In the 1950s, under Charles McGough, Jr., the firm diversified through acquisitions, and then, in 1965, changed its name to CAM Industries, Inc. of Hanover. CAM Industries no longer makes the Mummert-Dixon grinders; they specialize in machines for making and repairing electric motors, machines for applying tape to wiring harnesses, and contract manufacturing. In 2005 the company reorganized as CAM Innovation.

Information Sources

  • The names and dates come from catalogs and ads submitted to this site; see below.
  • Patent records provided the names of the principals. Besides the U.S. patents listed below, they also received a British patent, GB190812513.
  • We discovered in March 2005 that the company's website was no longer accessible. In 2012, a correspondent notified us that the company was back online under a new name (and likely had been so for years).