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Manufacturers Index - Luther Manufacturing Co.
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Benjamin G. Luther worked for Prentice Brothers until 1890 when he left and set up his own business. He operated as B. G. Luther, and then B. G. Luther & Co. Luther was active until at least 1906 and perhaps for longer. Products include tablesaws, planers, and planer-matchers, especially for making box stock.

Information Sources

  • The Massachusetts corporate registry database lists this company's first registration as 1903-06-03.
  • EBay listing for a 26" planer.
  • Photo Index entry of a box-board matcher.
  • Photo Index entry of (the below mentioned) dual-arbor, dual-tilting table, Table Saw, marked "BG Luther & Co, Worcestor, Mass, USA, Patd Feb 16 1892".
  • Message in the oldwwmachines forum regarding a double-arbor tilting-table saw, labeled "BG Luther".
  • Between 1882 and 1906, Benjamin G. Luther of Worcester, MA, received several patents for woodworking machinery, including tablesaws and matchers.
  • A Benjamin G. Luther of Providence, RI, received an 1869 patent for a wagon-top. We cannot be certain that this is the same Benjamin G. Luther who later made woodworking machinery. One piece of supporting evidence is an online article from the 1920 work, History of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Joseph H. Lee, born 1855, learned pattern-making from a B. G. Luther in Providence. Lee went on to become owner-manager of the Providence Brass & Aluminum Foundry.