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Manufacturers Index - Nelson-Blanck Manufacturing Co.

Nelson-Blanck Manufacturing Co.
Detroit, MI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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Nelson-Blanck Manufacturing Co. made adjustable drill heads with 2 to 12 spindles. Their factory and main office were at 7744 Dubois St., Detroit. The company first appeared in print in 1914, and by 1918 they claimed to be the world's largest manufacturers of multiple drill heads. The drill heads were sold as "Nelson" or "Buhr." Nelson-Blanck disappeared from publications by the mid-1920s. It's possible that they were sold to Buhr Machine Tool Co., established in 1925 in Ann Arbor, MI. Joseph F. Buhr had worked for Nelson-Blanck, and Buhr Machine made high-speed multiple spindle drilling machines.

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