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Manufacturers Index - Richards-Wilcox Mfg. Co.
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
638,475 Dec. 05, 1899 Wrench Atttachment George W. Rouse Lowell, MI The pair of toothed jaws and their connecting thumb screws convert a "monkey wrench" into a pipe wrench.
Marketed as the "Yankee Pipe Jaws" by a succession of manufacturers, including WILCOX in 1901, followed by RICHARDS-WILCOX after those companies merged, and BOW MFG. in 1914.
854,174 May. 21, 1907 Ratchet Wrench Joseph N. Noyer Gould City, WA The reversible ratchet wrench has adjustable jaws built into the head. It was marketed as the Wizard Adjustable Ratchet. The patent is a refinement on a reduced scale of Noyer's Dec. 13, 1904 adjustable jaw ratchet wrench for railroad fish plate bolts (pat. No. 777,389).
Corresponding Canadian patent no. CA-101,549 was granted on October 16, 1906.
947,346 Jan. 25, 1910 Wrench Herman A. Paquette Chicago, IL This adjustable alligator wrench has a hinged toothed piece attached to the movable jaw that has teeth which engage teeth on the back of the main stock. The engagement is held in place with a swinging spring steel latch. This was produced as the SHARK wrench. Two sizes are known.
Compare this approach to Halvor Christopherson's patent no. 906,614.
1,055,278 Mar. 04, 1913 Quick-acting vise George G. Hunt Plano, IL "This invention relates to improvements in quick acting vises and has for its primary object to provide a device of this character where the operating parts are compactly arranged within the frame of the vise so that the vise can be mounted and used in a comparatively limited space."
147,269 Apr. 15, 1913 Vise George G. Hunt Plano, IL This is the Canadian version of US patent 1,055,278. The patent date has been seen on a No. 430 vise from Richards-Wilcox Canada.
1,106,096 Aug. 04, 1914 Quick-acting clamp George G. Hunt Plano, IL
2,148,573 Feb. 28, 1939 Wrench Cyrus J. Mulcay Aurora, IL Multi-function wrench for barrel bungs and the like.
"My present invention has for its principal object to provide a wrench which is adapted for fitting all the various types of screw plugs in common use on steel drums."
Listed as Nine-In-One All Purpose Drum Opener in a SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE wholesale catalog.