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Manufacturers Index - Rock River Machine Co.
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The Taylor & Morris Co. was established in 1897. In 1900 it was reorganized as the Rock River Machine Co., manufacturing punches, shears and related machinery. Within a decade they had 24 employees. The company maintained a quiet existence until 1938 when the company was forced into receivership. It is not clear whether they emerged from receivership, but it appears that if they did, they did not survive much longer.

Information Sources

  • 1897-11-27 The Age of Steel. "The Taylor & Morris Company, Janesville; capital, $20,000: to manufacture machinery, engines, etc. Incorporators—Messrs. Taylor and Morris."
  • 1900-11-03 The Age of Steel. "The Taylor & Morris Company, Janesville, Wis., have been reorganized and are now known as the Rock River Machine Company. The new company have been incorporated with a capital stock of $15,000 and will not only continue the business of the old company but will also engage in new lines. They have purchased machinery for the manufacture of shears, punches and other iron working machines. The officers are as follows: President, R. H. Morris; vice-president, Geo. H. Marsden; secretary and treasurer, Frank B. Strickler. Mr. Strickler was formerly connected with the Janesville Hay Tool Company."
  • 1900-10-25 The Iron Trade Review records that Rock River Machine Co. of Janesville, Wis., had incorporated to manufacture heavy shears and punches, with R. H. Morris as president, George Marsden as vice president, and Frank Strickler as secretary-treasurer. Capital was $15,000. They succeeded the Taylor & Morris Co.
  • 1902-02-27 The Iron Trade Review. "The office, pattern rooms, engine room, machine and blacksmith shops of the Rock River Machine Co., Janesville, Wis., was destroyed by a fire Feb. 18, causing a damage of $8,000.
  • 1902-06-12 The Iron Trade Review. "The Rock River Machine Co., of Janesville, Wis., has put up a temporary building since the loss if its plant by fire early in the year, and is very busy with accumulated orders."
  • 1902-04-17 The Iron Trade Review. "The Rock River Machine Co., Janesville, Wis., whose plant was destroyed by fire several weeks ago, will rebuild on a larger scale."
  • 1909-07-01 Steel lists Rock River Machine Co., Janesville, Wis., as makers of presses, punches and shears, riveters, and rolls (bending and straightening).
  • 1909-1910 edition of Public Documents of the State of Wisconsin lists workplace inspections, including at "Rock River Machine CO., machine shop", which had one buildig of under 3 stories, 24 male and no female employees, and none under 16 years of age. No boilers.
  • The 1911 edition of The Iron Age Directory lists this firm as a maker of "Bending Machine, High Speed Bulldozing"; Boiler Makers' Machinery; Bulldozers; Rod Cutters; Cutting Dies; Forming and Bending Machines; Power Hammers; Punching and Trimming Presses; Boiler Feed Pumps; Circulating Pumps; Bench Punches; Boiler Punches; Hand Power Punches; Multiple Punches; Horizontal Punches; Portable Punches; Screw Punches; Power Punching and Shearing Machines; Riveting Machinery; Rolling Mill Machinery; Hand Power Bending Rolls; Plate Bending and Straightening Power Rolls; Alligator Shears; Bar Shears; Billet Shears; Gate Shears; Plate Shears; Structural Hand Power Shears; Structural Straightening Machines; Tinners' Supplies, Tool, Machines, etc.; Blacksmiths' Tools; and Boiler Makers' Tools.
  • 1938-05-03 The Wisconsin State Journal. "Rock Machine Co. Hearing, July 15—Hearing on the reorganization of the Rock River Machine Co., Janesville, was set by Federal Judge Patrick T. Stone today for July 13."
  • Hearing on the reorganization plan of the Rock River Machine co.. Janesville, was set by Federal Judge Patrick T. Stone today for J
  • A page on 415 N. Main Street, Janesville, WI notes that it is "the only extant building of what was once a large industrial complex, the Rock River Machine Company. The company began in 1897 and produced heavy machinery and shop equipment, such as heavy duty punches. The company remained in business until the early 1940s."
  • A Hay Trolley Heaven page on the Janesville Hay Tool Co. provided information on the founding of Rock River Machine Co.