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Manufacturers Index - John Wild & Co., Ltd.

John Wild & Co., Ltd.
Oldham, England, U.K.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
186,400,516 Mar. 01, 1864 Improvements in propelling vessels, and in machinery or apparatus connected therewith John Wild , England
186,700,586 Mar. 02, 1867 Improvements in condensing steam-engines John Wild Jr. , England
188,702,373 Feb. 18, 1886 Improvements in power hammers John Wild , England
189,424,548 Dec. 18, 1895 Improvements in compressing and blowing engines John Wild , England John Wild is described as being with the Falcon Iron Works of Oldham, and Matthew Brown Wild was at 52 Copester Hill, Oldham.
    Improvements in compressing and blowing engines Matthew Brown Wild , England  
190,208,447 Feb. 19, 1903 Fastenings for doors, gates and the like John Wild , England The inventor was at 288 Hollins Rd. Hollinwood Oldham, and was a "Clerk in Ironworks". "This latch is both a latch and bolt combined... It is entirely secured in position on the door or gate by means of 2 bolts. It is made with a guide-plate which holds the latch and locking arrangement and also covers the hole made in the door for the purpose of raising the latch, thus preventing any view through the hole, an egg-shaped protuberance on the face of the guide-plate allowing the finger to get well under the latch when lifting same..."
190,623,631 Jul. 11, 1907 Improvements in superheaters for steam generators and the like John Wild , England Co-inventor John Wild had earlier had his own firm, John Wild & Co., Ltd., which had manufactured woodworking machinery. That had ended a few years before this patent was issued. The patent says that Wild was boiler maker, Crabree was a chemist and Anderson was an engineer.
    Improvements in superheaters for steam generators and the like Luke Crabtree , England  
    Improvements in superheaters for steam generators and the like Thomas Mills Anderson , England