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Manufacturers Index - Barbour-Stockwell Co.
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From 1924-08-07 American Machinist

Founded in 1882, the Barbour-Stockwell Co. remains in business today. In 1924 they acquired the United Hammer Co., maker of Dupont power hammers. Barbour-Stockwell made power hammers until at least 1948.

Information Sources

  • The 1892 book Cambridge and Vicinity: Its Representative Business Men. "BARBOUR, STOCKWELL & CO., Iron Founders and Machinists, Broadway, Cambrideport, Mass—Without disputing the fact that skilful and careful management will go far to compensate for deficiencies in mechanical equipment, it may still be maintained that the highest degree of success is possible only when superior management and first-class equipment are combined, so that one is justified in ascribing to the extent and completeness of their plant a large share of the credit for the leading position attained by Messrs. Barbour, Stockwell & Co. in the machine and iron founding trade. The concern in question started the business in 1882, and carry on very extensive operations which includes the doing of general machine work and iron founding, and the manufacture of machinery. The premises utilized are located on Broadway, and when we say that the buildings cover an area of more than forty thousand square feet and are equipped throughout with the most improved appliances and machinery, some idea may be gained of the magnitude of the enterprise and of the ability of the firm to execute the most extensive commissions at short notice and at the lowest market rates. Every department of the vast establishment is thoroughly systemized, so that all unnecessary delays are avoided and the accurate filling of orders is practically assured."
  • The April 1893 The Hub ha an article on the Dupont power hammer, made by Dupont Manufacturing Co. of St. Johnsbury, VT. That firm was acquired by E. & T. Fairbanks Co. which then made the Dupont hammer, and then they sold that product line to United Hammer Co.
  • From a 1924 issue of American Machinist: "The United Hammer Co., Everett, Mass., has been purchased by the Barbour, Stockwell Co., Cambridge, Mass."
  • 1924-08-07 American Machinist lists Barbour-Stockwell Co. of Cambridge as the maker of "Dupont" power hammers
  • A 1949 issue of Western Machinery and Steel World lists Barbour-Stockwell Co. as a maker of power hammers.