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Manufacturers Index - O. K. Tool Holder Co.
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
677,350 Jul. 02, 1901 Tool-holder Charles W. Grant Derby, CT This tool holder was subsequently improved in patent 802,206. Both patents were used by O. K. Tool Holder Co.
776,250 Nov. 29, 1904 Adjustable tool-holder Joseph X. Mathieu Great Barrington, MA This patent date was seen on a tool holder from O. K. Tool Holder Co. The holder is not an exact match to the patent drawing but there are some similarities and this is the only tool holder patent issued on this date.
    Adjustable tool-holder James F. Pullan Great Barrington, MA  
788,206 Apr. 25, 1905 Tool-post Charles W. Grant Derby, CT This tool post was seen in a 1910 catalog from O. K. Tool Holder Co.: "The O.K. Tool Post holds the tool on the side, thus enabling one to get up near to the chuck or face plate. With this tool post the tool is adjusted vertically, thus keeping the clearance on cutting tool always the same. The tool post swings around at any angle..." The No. 1 model, suitable for 14" to 18" lathes, was priced at $10. The No. 3 model, for 30" to 40" lathes, was priced at $30.
802,206 Oct. 17, 1905 Tool-holder Charles W. Grant Derby, CT This patent date was seen on a tool holder in a shaper catalog ("Bulletin #46") from Potter & Johnston Machine Co.. The patent consists of improvements to patent 677,350. This improved patent was used by O. K. to sue J. H. Williams Co., who had purchased 75 of O. K.'s improved holders and then brought out their own slightly modified version, for which they received patent 1,158,100. The courts held that the field of tool holders was a mature one and that the O. K. patent could only cover the itemized combination of features, and therefore the Williams tool holder did not infringe.
807,166 Dec. 12, 1905 Tool-holder and tool Charles W. Grant Derby, CT
810,307 Jan. 16, 1906 Tool-holder Pearl H. Robinson Shelton, CT
878,672 Feb. 11, 1908 Tool Holder Pearl H. Robinson Shelton, Fairfield County, CT
1,056,089 Mar. 18, 1913 Tool-holder Pearl H. Robinson Shelton, CT "This invention has for its object to provide a tool holder adapted for general use upon lathes, planing machines, shaping machines, boring mills, etc., which shall be quick-acting, durable and will give a positive grip upon the tool."
    Tool-holder George W. Conklin Shelton, CT  
1,063,659 Jun. 03, 1913 Milling-cutter George W. Conklin Shelton, CT