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Manufacturers Index - J. G. Blount Co.

J. G. Blount Co.
Everett, MA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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This company, founded in 1888, made wood-turning and metal-turning lathes, grinders, and polishers. In 1964 they were bought out by Williams & Hussey Machine Co., Inc., but that company no longer supports Blount products.

This lesser-known maker receives uniformly high praise for their lathes. The U.S. military bought quite a few of them, judging by the number of ex-navy lathes on the used market.

Information Sources

  • 1909 catalog of "grinding, polishing machinery, and speed lathes." The catalog says that the company was established in 1888. "Speed" brand and "Stuyvesant" brand. The catalog shows lathes with swing of 11", 13", or 16", with beds from 3' to 12' long.
  • 12"/17"x40" gapbed lathe from 1955 (there were no gapbed lathes in 1909 catalog).
  • We have seen a lathe labeled, "Manufactured by J. G. Blount Co. / A division of Williams & Hussey Machine Corp. / Milford, New Hampshire 03055".