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Manufacturers Index - Canton Foundry & Machine Co.
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The Canton Foundry & Machine Co. was in business by 1907. By 1911 they were making a wide range of products, including some of interest to us: sheet metal machinery, drop presses, power hammers, shears, and grinders. The company survived until at least 1929.

Information Sources

  • 1907-06-27 Iron Trade Review lists Canton Foundry & Machine Co. as a supplier of gray iron castings.
  • 1911 Iron Age Directory lists Canton Foundry & Machine Co., as makers of Beaders, sheet metal; castings, finished; castings, gray iron; castings, iron; castings, iron, special; chutes, coal wagon; columns, cast iron building; crans, portable, hand power; dies, automobile body; dies, metal ceiling; dies, sheet metal working; eave trough hanger machinery; eave troughs and gutter machinery; forming machines, sheet metal; grate bars; grinders, foot and hand power; hammers, drop, metal ceiling, &c.; hammers, power; hoists, portable; irons, tuyere; mixers, paint; presses, ceiling; rods, beading; shears, alligator; shingle machinery, metallic; turn-tables, automobile; turn-tables, industrial railway; turn-tables, overhead tramway.
  • 1915 catalog from Canton Foundry & Machine Company: "Contains short descriptions with specifications of various models of shears, including Double Geared, High Knife, Stop Motion, and Portable 'Canton' Alligator Shears."
  • August 1916 The Foundry. "Plans are being prepared for extensive additions to the plant of the Canton Foundry & Machine Co., Canton, O."
  • 1921 Chamber of Commerce publication, Canton, a City of Homes, Diversified Industries and Real Opportunities, lists the Canton Foundry & Machine Co. as makers of Accessories, contractors' and builders'; coal chutes; covers, coal hole; dies; doors, ash pit; doors, sidewalk; gratings, sidewalk; grinders, emery; hoists, malleable and steel; hoists, portable floor; iron works, contractors'; machinery, eaves trough; machinery, paint making; patterns, wood; pipe, conductor, machinery for; plates, gutter; presses, heavy drop; shears, alligator; shears, lever; shears, squaring; valve boxes.