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Manufacturers Index - Medart Patent Pulley Co.

Medart Patent Pulley Co.
St. Louis, MO; Elwood City, PA, U.S.A.
Company Website: http://medartglobal.com/
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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      Founded in 1879 by Philip and William Medart to manufacture pulleys and friction clutches for overhead line-shaft drives. They also manufactured a Shaft Straightening Machine.


      "One of the largest plants manufacturing articles in which millers are interested and which the visitors will want to make a part of their itinerary while in St. Louis, is the Medart Pulley Company, located at Potomac and DeKalb Streets. In this extensive two-story plant everything in the way of transmission machinery is manufactured. This company was many years ahead of any other manufacturer in making steel rim pulleys, the first having been turned out in 1879. With 37 years of experience and constant improvement of ways and means it is little wonder that the Medart Pulley Company has high confidence in its products which, in truth, is shared by a large clientage of satisfied users. The pulleys made vary in size from eight inches in diameter with 3-inch face to 15-foot diameter and 50-inch face. The amount and variety of machinery required to turn out the pulleys can be imagined. To follow one of these steel rim pulleys through its various processes is most interesting. There are four principal steps: First, the spider (hub and arms) is cast without a rim; second, the spider is centered, and the hub is bored; third, the spider is ground concentrically with the axis of the pulley; and, last, the rim is rolled to the proper circle, riveted to spider with pneumatic riveting hammer and ground from the same center as the spider. The number and variety of lathes, drills, shears, and other machines required in these processes defies description, but the mechanical minded can get a great deal of information and confidence by watching the work done. Some of the other things which can be seen made are as follows: Shafting and couplings of every kind; hangers, pillow blocks and bearings of all styles; steel rim, cast iron and wood pulleys; friction clutch pulleys and friction clutch couplings for any duty; sheaves for manila and wire rope power transmission, with full accessories; machine moulded, pattern moulded and cut cast iron and semi-steel gearing of every description; also pattern moulded and cut steel gearing; a complete line of sprocket wheels, chain and attachments; Medart High Grade Anti-Friction Metal; in fact, everything needed for the transmission of power by belts, ropes, chain belt and gearing." (Quote from 1916.)

      This company is still in business manufacturing Steel Bar Machinery and Carbide Inserts.

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