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Manufacturers Index - Gordon Hollow Blast Grate Co.

Gordon Hollow Blast Grate Co.
Greenville, MI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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The Gordon Hollow Blast Grate Co. was established in the early 1890s to manufacture a patent boiler grating designed to Elonso J. Gordon. In 1894 there was a Canadian branch operation, the Canadian Hollow Blast Grate Co. that was based in Essex, Ontario.

In 1900 or '01 the Gordon Hollow Blast Grate Co. introduced a line of lumber edgers that proved to be highly successful. This product line survived until last least 1936.

Information Sources

  • Ad in March 1894 The Canada Lumberman from the Canadian Hollow Blast Grate Co. The artwork, and the boiler and grate shown, are virtually identical to similar ads for the Gordon Hollow Blast Grate Co. and so it seems very likely that the Canadian company was a subsidiary or licensee; given the similar in business names, it seems more likely that it was a subsidiary.
  • This company was assigned 1911 and 1930 patents, for an edger and a trimmer. A search from 1920 onwards produced no more patents assigned to this company.
  • 1914 catalog for "The 'Tower' Line of Edgers", which are machines intended for lumber mills.
  • The U. S. Forest Products Laboratory published a booklet dated March 1936, Operating small sawmills, methods, bibliography, and sources of equipment by C. J. Telford. A table lists the makers of various types of equipment, including circular sawmills, band sawmills, edgers, and planers. This company was listed as a maker of edgers.