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Manufacturers Index - Buffalo Agricultural Machine Works

Buffalo Agricultural Machine Works
Buffalo, NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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"Founded on 11 Jan 1856, for the purpose of manufacturing agricultural and mechanical implements.

Officers—Samuel F. Pratt, President; A. S. Sterling, Secretary and Treasurer; D. M. Osborne, Superintendent.

Trustees—Samuel F. Pratt, P. P. Pratt, C. W. Smith, D. M. Osborne, A. S. Sterling." (Quote of Feb 1856.)

      "The Buffalo Agricultural Machine Works are another extensive concern in this branch of manufactures. The proprietors of these works have the control of several patented machines—among others, of Kirby's American Harvester, a Buffalo invention. The distinctive feature of this Combined Mower and Reaper is that it will work as well on rough as on smooth ground. This is accomplished by an arrangement by which the finger-bar is independent in its action, or, in other words, rises and falls in following the inequalities of the ground independently of the driving wheel. It is also recommended for its exceeding lightness of draft, and being made of iron it is not affected by exposure to dew, or showers, or sun. This Company have also introduced to the notice of the agricultural community a Combined Mower and Reaper which is easily drawn by one horse, and is said to be capable of doing as much work as most machines that require two horses." (Quote from 1864.)

      The Works are the property of a stock company with a large capital, air paid in, of which George L. Squier is President, Lucien Hawley Secretary, and John Valentine, Superintendent.

This firm made a made a Gould pattern mortiser.

Information Sources

  • A History of American Manufactures from 1608 to 1860, 1864, pgs. 650-651
  • The list of premiums awarded at the 1857 New York State Fair includes a diploma awarded to Buffalo Agricultural Works for their mortising machine.