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Manufacturers Index - Lemuel Hedge

Lemuel Hedge
Windsor, VT; Brattleboro, VT; New York, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Paterson, NJ, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
X4,799 Jun. 20, 1827 Engine for dividing scales, gauges, etc. Lemuel Hedge Windsor, VT This important patent was granted to one of the earliest New England makers of rules. According to a 1987 Gristmill (MWTCA) article by Clifford D. Fales, "It has been claimed that Hedge's original dividing engine remained in use in the Stanley Rule and Level Co. plant at least as late as 1923."
The organ in the church at Windsor, VT was built by "local inventive genius" Lemuel Hedge.
X8,783 Apr. 22, 1835 Carpenter's rule joint Lemuel Hedge Brattleboro, VT Lemuel Hedge was a rule maker who had several patents. Most were related to rule-making; some, including one for a planing machine, may or may not have been intended for use in his rule-making operations.
The text pages of this patent are missing from the USPTO's online database, but Paul Kebabian has discovered the missing pages.
Hedge had some patents that were not reconstructed after the 1836 patent-office fire: "Spring pen ruler", 1814-06-21; "Revolving ruler" (for drawing parallel lines on writing paper), 1817-03-03; "Machine for dying Morocco leather, etc.," 1819-07-22.
Cliff Fales provided the information on the manufacture of this design, and also provided the photos. The example in the photo is marked, "Clark & Co."; some are marked "C & Co." and some examples are unmarked. If you follow the link to the "Old Woodworking Machines" entry on Lemuel Hedge, you will find a link to a Cliff Fales article on this rule joint.
X9,788 Jun. 28, 1836 Wood planing machine Lemuel Hedge Brattleboro, VT This looks like the great-granddaddy of the Delta Uniplane.
Drawing and specification for this patent are available.
2,677 Jun. 18, 1842 Sawmill Edwin F. Johnson New York, NY
    Sawmill Lemuel Hedge New York, NY  
6,432 May. 08, 1849 Improvement in saw-mills Lemuel Hedge New York, NY
8,056 Apr. 22, 1851 Sawmill Lemuel Hedge Brooklyn, NY Invention is intended to reduce blade breakage by only tensioning that part of the blade that is cutting wood. An additional advantage of the design is that the blade can be twisted to produce a curved cut. Rather than powering one of the wheels to drive the blade, a second band below the table is wrapped around part of the circumference of the lower wheel, with the blade sandwiched in between. That second band—which is subject to a sharp bend as it passes around a small pulley below the table—would presumably be made of leather or some other material that is not subject to stress cracking.
RE435 Mar. 10, 1857 Improvement in saw-mills Lemuel Hedge New York, NY Lemuel Hedge, the inventor, was deceased at the time of reissue.