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Manufacturers Index - Nolan Machinery Corp.
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We have two reports of printers' saws from Nolan Machinery Corp.: one is a small cast-iron tablesaw, and the other is a 10" tablesaw with a steel top. Printers' saws were used for cutting lead sheets used in Linotype machines.

Noland Machine Corp. was registered in 1936. It later operated as Nolan Products, Inc., and went bankrupt in the mid-1980s.

Information Sources

  • A correspondent reports a small wood type proof press from this maker, ca. 1940.
  • The company name was registered with the State of New York on 20 March 1936.
  • Correspondent Margaret Nolan provide the following.
    Nolan Corporation was started by my father, Edward James Nolan, in Rome, NY. He was an engineering graduate of RIT. Nolan Corporation printing products were designed by my father. In the 1950's, due to labor union problems in Rome, he sold the company to Ralph Nolan, his brother. My father continued his business in Pulaski, New York, manufacturing very large cement and mortar mixers, and was one of the first to design a riding lawn tractor called Little Mo. He continued to design printing machinery for Nolan Corporation during this time. More information is on the Vandercook site.
  • The Vandercook site also has information on Nolan proof presses.