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Manufacturers Index - Maritime Engine Co., Ltd.
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The Maritime Engine Co, Ltd. was incorporated in 1909 to manufacture steam engines based on a series of patents granted to James Strickland and Albert L. Mowry and assigned to H. R. McLellan. Other than the original announcements of the company chartering, we cannot find a single other mention and we can only assume that the company was stillborn.

Information Sources

  • 1909-04-29 The Iron Trade Review.
    A charter has been granted to the Maritime Engine Co., Ltd., St. John, N.B., through Daniel J. Purdy, James R. Ferguson, Joseh Court, Harold Climo and other of St. John, and John A. Calhoun of Savannah, Ga. The company has a capital stock of $125,000, and is authorized to construct, rebuild and repair engines, boats and other marine craft, boilers, etc. The company will handle the Strickland-Mowry engine and other patent rights controlled by H. R. McLellan.