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Manufacturers Index - Carl E. Johnson
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In 1947, Carl E. Johnson applied for a patent covering a tablesaw with a saw-top device for cutting box joints. Although the patent does not mention it, his box-joint device was intended for making bee hive boxes and frames. The patent was issued in 1952, and until at least 1970, Carl E. Johnson of 1557 Gregory Avenue, Lincoln Park, Mich., advertised "Johnson Dovetailing Equipment" in beekeeping publications. A surviving example consists only of the saw-top device; we have also seen an example that includes a integrated tablesaw. The patent describes saw features for holding multiple sawblades and for fine adjustment of the cutting depth.

Information Sources

  • Thanks to correspondent Bernard Helinski for alerting us to his Carl E. Johnson box-joint apparatus.
  • October 1963 Ohio State Beekeepers Association News Digest has a text ad for Johnson Dovetailing Equipment.
  • 1970 issues of Gleanings in Bee Culture carry text ads for Johnson Dovetailing Equipment.