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Manufacturers Index - Whitman Agricultural Co.

Whitman Agricultural Co.
St. Louis, MO, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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Whitman Agricultural Co.

Chas.E. Whitman, President; N. W. Perkins, Treasurer; H. L. Whitman, Secretary

      Manufacturers of Hay Presses, Agricultural Implements, etc.; Clark avenue and Eighth street.—Among the large manufacturing concerns of the city, none enjoys a higher standing or more widespread reputation and patronage than the Whitman Agricultural Co. The business was established about twenty years ago, by Mr. Charles E. Whitman, who still remains at its head as President of the company, which was incorporated in 1880. The works, three stories in height, occupy an area of 300 feet on Eighth Street, also large buildings running through to Ninth street. These premises are completely fitted with machinery of the most modern and improved design, and all the necessary appliances for the successful prosecution of all the manufacturing details of the business. A force ranging from 200 to 300 men is employed, and the company manufacture hay presses, lever horse powers in all sizes, railway or tread presses, sawing machines, road scrapers, corn shelters, seed sowers, feed cutters, cultivators, harrows, cider and wine mills, garden, coal, wood, brick and mortar barrows, railway and warehouse supplies, hose reels, lard and wine presses, well boring machines, dump cars, iron and pork trucks, dry goods wagons, warehouse trucks and wagons, baggage barrows, field and garden rollers, etc. The trade of the company extends to every part of the Union, Canada, Mexico and South America, and in many of the articles of their manufacture to Europe. The company takes special pride in the superior workmanship of its goods, and the Whitman Hay Press has taken the honors wherever it has been exhibited in competition with those of other makers, tt took the fiist prize in 1880, 1881 and 1882, the gold medal in 1883, and silver medal in 1885, at the New York State fairs; the silver medal at Denver in 1884 and the first prize at the New Orleans World's Fair in 1885. During the year 1886, it took first prizes at Dallas, Texas State Fair; Buenos Ayres; first prize, gold medal, New England Fair at Bangor, Me.; Nebraska State Fair, Maine State Fair, and at the Northern, Central and South American Exposition at New Orleans. A new railway power, with governor or speed regulator, has been placed upon the market the past season, which is pronounced by all who have seen it to be superior to anything yet invented. The company has unsurpassed facilities for carrying on all the details of the business, is managed with marked efficiency, and is prepared to fill all orders in the most prompt and satisfactory manner.

The Whitman Agricultural Co. was established in 1870 on the banks of the Mississippi River, in what was once the quaint, picturesque, and always romantic French portion of old St. Louis. In spite of time, and regardless of drouths and panics, the Whitmans have run full force every day since 1870. Origiually the Whitman Co. put out strictly agricultural machinery. Recently they have added gasoline engines, hoisting machinery, jacks, power pumps and air compressors, which are gone into thoroughly and fully explained in their catalogue. Their plant is one of the most modern and up-to-date of its kind in existence. Their machinery is produced from the raw material, the company having foundries for grey iron, semi-steel and brass castings, as well as extensive machine shops. Mr. Whitman states that while they take orders through dealers, a great many jobbers find theirs a good line to carry in stock.

From an ad in a 1915 issue of "Carpenter and Builder." The ad shows Whitman's "Sultan" line of equipment, including tablesaws, drag saws, table-mounted swing saws, and various non-woodworking machines such as hoists and winches. The ad gives the company name as "Whitman A. Company," but one of the products is labeled, "Whitman AGL CO."

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