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Manufacturers Index - Elliot Woodworker, Ltd.

Elliot Woodworker, Ltd.
Detroit, MI; Toronto, ON; Belleville, ON, Canada
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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Elliot Woodworker No. 2, from a 1913 issue of "Canadian Builder and Carpenter"

This maker began in 1910 as W. A. Elliot after its founder, William Albert Elliot of Toronto. The name changed to Elliot Woodworker, Ltd. about 1912, when Elliot began making combination woodworking machines aimed at house carpenters. In rapid succession he developed, patented, and introduced new designs, also adding other machines to his lineup, including sanders, scrollsaws, and jointers.

During the years 1913 to 1918, Elliot fought a pitched battle against another Toronto builder of combination machines: Mackintosh Hutchinson. Both men aggressively patented their innovations. Apparently Elliot got the upper hand in the ensuing litigation: whatever the merits of their designs, in 1918 the rights to Hutchinson's products. "...the Hutchinson Woodworker, which was claimed to be an infringement on the Elliot, has been taken over by them."

In about 1918, Elliot licensed his combination machine designs to Dominion Machinery Co., Ltd., of Halifax England, which continued to make combination machines sold as Elliot Woodworkers. Their designs quickly diverged substantially from the original Elliot designs to become considerably more substantial and sophisticated.

In 1919 the business moved to Belleville. At this time or shortly after, the company name was changed to Elliot Machinery Co., Ltd. In 1925 the name changed to Globe Machinery Co.; that company seems to have disappeared around 1935.

Information Sources

  • Numerous 1912 to 1918 ads in Canadian Builder and Carpenter; see the "Images" tab on this page.
  • From ad in 1915 issue of "Carpenter and Builder." The ad features the "Elliot Woodworker," which was a machine for sawing, and cutting dadoes and grooves, including housed stair stringers. The ad says, "over 500 in successful use" and "Patented 1910-1914. Other patents pending."
  • From a 1919 CanadaLumberman and Woodworker.
    The Elliot Woodworker Company, of Toronto, have secured the plant in Belleville formerly occupied by the Burril Rock Drill Co., and expect to commence operations in a few weeks. The new plant is well equipped with metal-working tools.
  • From a 1919 issue of Canada Gazette.
    Elliot Machinery Company, Limited. ... (b) To purchase or otherwise acquire and take over the property and plant at the City of Belleville in the County of Hastings, formerly occupied and operated by The Burrell Rock Drill Company, Limited, ...
  • A 1922 ad in Canadian Woodworker and Furniture Manufacturer is for "Elliott Machinery Co., Ltd." The extra "t" on the end of Elliot is repeated in the ad but is an error.
  • From a 1922 issue of Commercial Intelligence Journal
    It is very gratifying for Canadians to observe that the English branch factory of the well-known Canadian firm, the Elliot Machinery Co., Limited, Belleville, Ontario, has an excellent stand, showing their combination woodworking machines, which were first invented in Canada. A Dominion 16-inch by 6-inch thicknesser, also a 24-inch band saw, and a combination scroll saw and shaper, are shown in ...
  • From a 1925 issue of Canadian Engineer.
    Ottawa, Ont — Dominion charters have been granted to the following' companies : The Globe Machinery Co. Ltd., Belleville, $40,000 ; ...
  • From a 1928 issue of Engineering and Contract Record.
    ...to be a No. 9 Elliott Wooworker, manufactured by the Globe Machinery Company Ltd., of Belleville, Ont. Mr. Robertson has had one of these machines in use on his work for several years and has just purchased the machine shown in the photographs for this season's rush of work. The machine is described as being of srong rigid construction, eliminating vibration under almost all conditions. The running...
  • From a 1932 issue of Industrial Canada.
    Among recent new members of the Association in Ontario are Globe Machinery Co., Limited, Belleville. This industry began originally in Toronto in 1910 as Elliot Machinery Co. Limited. It was moved to Belleville in 1919 and in 1925 ...