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Manufacturers Index - American Tool Works Co.
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      American Tool Works Co. was formed in 1898 as a reorganization of Davis & Egan by Franklin Alter, Albert B. Voorheis and Charles Davis. Owned by the Schott family of Cincinnati, the firm manufactured engine lathes (including the well known American Pacemaker), shapers, planers, radial drills, tracer lathes, and other machine tools. In 1969 it was absorbed by another company.

The remnants of this company is now owned by Bourn & Koch; that firm is still able to provide information on most of the old American Tool Works machines.

Information Sources

  • Undated flyer showing the American Maxi-Speed Radial drill, with "3-foot—9-Inch diameter column—12-speed".
  • This business name was registered with Ohio State on 13 August 1918 and "merged out of existence" in 1969. We have not found any more information about that merger.
  • Correspondent Tom March, a former employee of American Tool Works, provided the following information: "I started with them in 1960. At that time they made several models of radial drills and had started making tape controlled versions. They also made a 16", 20" and 24" engine lathe, a 16" 45 degree tracer lathe, 90 degree modulated feed tracer lathe and for the government it developed a 24" that had a raised head stock, compound and tail stock to swing 48" for use in missile manufacturing. They also made a "box" machine that cut and folded up small aluminum pans for the "brown & serve rolls" bakeries. During the WW-II, the Navy took over and added a large addition with a rail spur that came into the building for loading machinery. Years later, I found out they were sold to a company named White, although I don't remember anymore of the name and don't recall when that stopped."
  • Correspondent Greg Menke, who has a web page on his American Tool Works lathe, provided us with the following information: "On the older machines, patent dates extend back to the late 1800's, perhaps owned by the principals involved when the company was formed. The remnants of American Tool Works are owned by Bourn & Koch, and they have production records for the older machines back to approx 1910. I think this suggests ATW was operating well before 1918 as per your info pages. I have read that the Lodge & Davis Machine Co. also of Cincinatti became ATW at some point, though I don't yet have cites to substantiate it."
  • Patents granted to American Tools Works Co. span 1922 to 1966 (as found by a search on patents issued from 1920 onwards). There are 93 patents; most are for radial drills, with some for metal box making machines, shapers, and metalworking lathes.
  • American Planer, Shaper and Slotter Builders: 1830-1910 by Kenneth L. Cope, 2002 page12
  • American Lathe Builders: 1810-1910 by Kenneth L. Cope, 2001, page 3
  • Machine serial numbers from 1919 to 1947 may found at the American Tool Works Co. serial number page.