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Manufacturers Index - Folding Sawing Machine Co.

Folding Sawing Machine Co.
Chicago, IL; Essex Centre, ON, Canada, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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This company was in business from the 1880s through to at least 1942. Their saws turn up surprisingly often, including on eBay.

The founder was Marvin O. Smith of New Buffalo, MI, who was the inventor of the saw. After Smith died (about 1890), his widow ran the company until 1904. The company did not appear in Chicago city directories after 1904, but they were still advertising and selling their saw as late as 1942.

All their saws were manufactured in Chicago, except those for the Canadian market, which were made in Essex Centre, Ontario, to avoid Canadian duties.

There was also a Marvin Smith Co. in Chicago that made a variety of farm machinery and tools, such as corn hooks and knives. The president was Frank S. Smith, possibly the son of Marvin O. Smith. Frank had been secretary of the Folding Sawing Machine Co. before moving to Marvin Smith Co.

Information Sources

  • The patents for this company's human-powered drag saw were granted in 1882, 1885, and 1890. Besides the U.S. patents listed below, they also received an 1885 Canadian patent, 20,618CA. Patent dates are listed in the EAIA Directory of American Toolmakers.
  • The EAIA's Directory of American Toolmakers provides the information on Mary Smith and the lack of directory listings after 1904. It also has a separate listing for Marvin Smith Co., and provides the information on Frank S. Smith.
  • 1917 catalog showing the company's human-powered drag saw for crosscutting felled logs.
  • 1937 brochure.