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Manufacturers Index - Lehman Machine Co.
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Advertisement from July 1893 The Wood-Worker

This company was established in 1889 by A. T. Lehman and S. H. Smith. In 1892 they employed about 40 men. In 1897 the company was one of eleven that merged to form American Wood Working Machine Co. Lehman brought to the merger their line of small planer-matchers.

Information Sources

  • The book Planers, Matchers and Molders in America, by Chandler W. Jones, shows a picture of a Lehman "Union" planer and matcher.
  • The 1892 book, History of Lycoming County Pennsylvania, edited by John F. Meginness, has a brief snippet on this maker.
    The Lehman Machine Company A. T. Lehman and S. H. Smith, proprietors was established in 1889. They manufacture all kinds of woodworking machinery and give employment to about forty men. Their shops are on Vine street.
  • An 1896 issue of "The Wood-Worker" contains an ad for a planer-matcher from this company.
  • The DeGolyer Library at SMU lists a catalog in its collection, "Lehman Machine Company. NEW AND IMPROVED NINE-INCH MOULDING MACHINE. WEIGHT 4,000 POUNDS. (Williamsport PA, circa 1885-90)."
  • A patent search did not turn up any patents assigned to this company, or granted or assigned to either of the principals.