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Manufacturers Index - Goldie & McCulloch Co., Ltd.

Goldie & McCulloch Co., Ltd.
Galt, ON, Canada
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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This company was one of the first Canadian makers of woodworking machinery. They made industrial-sized machines, including molders, planer-matchers, ripsaws, shingle machines, barrel machines, and sawmills. They primarily supplied the Canadian market, which was, at that time, protected by tariffs from U.S. imports. However, Goldie & McCulloch had a strong export business to Mexico and South America, and some of their woodworking machines show up there.

Dating back to 1844, this company was originally known as the Dumfries Foundry (after Dumfries Township where it was located), and then the Crombie Foundry. The Dumfries foundry was established by James Andrews and James Crombie. Crombie took over sole ownership in 1850. In 1859 the operations were purchased from James Crombie by John Goldie and Hugh McCulloch. The manufacture of woodworking and sawmill machinery did not began until some time after Goldie and McCulloch took over.

In 1891 the company incorporated, and by 1902 there were about 450 employees manufacturing their various products.

The Goldie & McCulloch factory, 1902

In 1910 Goldie & McCulloch sold their woodworking machinery operations to MacGregor, Gourlay, Ltd., which merged these and other operations to create Canada Machinery Corp. (CMC). Meanwhile, Goldie & McCulloch continued their remaining operations, specializing in boilers, steam engines, pumps, safes, and vaults.

In 1923 the company was bought by the Babcock, Wilcox & Co. and became Babcock-Wilcox & Goldie-McCulloch Ltd., and subsequently Babcock & Wilcox. In 2000 B&W went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy because of asbestos-related claims.

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Information Sources

  • The Canada Directory for 1851, by Robert W. S. Mackay, lists "Crombie, James, & Co., millwrights, founders and manufacturing engineers, W. Main st."
  • Thanks to John Bartley for providing us scans of pages from the following documents:
    • The Ontario Gazetteer and Directory for 1869 lists "GOLDIE, McCULLOCH & Co., proprs. Dumfries Foundry." The principals were John Goldie and Hugh McCulloch.
    • Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory of 1871 lists Goldie, McCulloch & Co. as a foundry, a machinists', and a manufacturer of "wool machinery, engines, mill machinery, water wheels", plus "saw mill and wood working machines". Their location was West Main st.
    • The Ontario Gazetteer and Directory for 1884-1885 lists Goldie & McCulloch as one of three Galt makers of woodworking machinery, the others being Cant, Laidlaw & Co. and Cowan & Co.. The other Ontario woodworking machinery makers listed were A. R. Williams and Major Harper.
    • The Ontario Gazetteer and Directory for 1886-1887 lists "Goldie & McCulloch Co. (Ltd), Hugh McCulloch Senior President, John Goldie Manager, Hugh McCulloch, Jr, Secretary-Treasurer, Safes and Machinery, w Main."
    • The Ontario Gazetteer and Directory for 1892-1893 lists "Goldie & McCulloch (John Goldie, Hugh McCulloch), Founders, Machinists, and Safe Mnfrs. w Main."
    • The Ontario Gazetteer and Directory for 1895 lists "Goldie & McCulloch Co. (Ltd)" as a maker of woodworking machinery.
  • Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory, by Henry McEvoy, 1869: Listing for Goldie, McCulloch & CO.: "proprs. Dumfries Foundry". The entry for the foundry merely states the converse.
  • Sessional Papers of the Fourth Session of the Fourth Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, 1882; in a table for Galt, "Comparison of hands employed and wages paid, showing the difference between January, 1879, and date of visit in 1881." Goldie & McCulloch is listed as a foundry with 165 hands in 1879 and 225 hands in 1881, with wages increasing 10 per cent over that time.
  • Canadian Mining Manual, 1895: "Goldie and McCulloch Co., Ltd., Galt, Ont.—Incorporated 1st May, 1891. Organized first in 1859. Paid-up capital $700,000, in shares of $400. Directors: Hugh McCulloch, John, C.... Hugh McCulloch, Jr., John Goldie."
  • Canadian industry, commerce, and finance; published as a companion volume to The Journal of Commerce, 1916, by J. J. Harpell: Lists Goldie & McCulloch Co., Ltd., Galt, Ont., as a producer of flour and oatmeal mill machinery; locomotive boilers; marine boilers; return tubular boilers; stationary boilers; water tube boilers; coupling clutches; friction clutches; condensers; stationary steam engines; machine cut and dressed gearing; grain and feed grinders; feed water heaters; flour and oatmeal mill machinery; iron pulleys; wood and wood split pulleys; boiler feed pumps; safes; smoke stacks; vaults and vault doors; flywheels and gear wheels.
  • Some information came from Picturesque and Industrial Galt, published 1902 by The Galt Reporter. Thanks to Andrew Poynter for providing this booklet.
  • 1907 advertisements in Canada Lumberman and Woodworker read as follows:
    Wood Working Machinery
    We make a complete line of High Grade Wood Working Machinery for all lumber and wood working industries
    As for Catalogue No. 9, which illustrates and describes all machines.
    See complete list of our manufactures below.
    The Goldie & McCulloch Co., Limited
    Galt — Ontario — Canada
    Western Branch: 248 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg
    Quebec Agents: Ross & Greig, Montreal.
    B. C. Selling Agts. for Wood Tools: The Wm. Hamilton Mfg. Co., Vancouver.
    We make Wheelock Engines, Corliss Engines, Ideal High Speed Engines, Boilers, Heaters, Pumps, Flour Mill Machinery, Oatmeal Mill Machinery, Gyrators, Emery Choppers, Wood Working Machinery, Shingle Machinery, Heading and Stave Machinery, Wood Rim Split Pulleys, Iron Pulleys, Shafting, Hangers, Friction Clutch Couplings, Friction Clutch Pulleys, Safes, Vaults, and Vault Doors.
  • One of the old Goldie-McCulloch buildings is now part of the Southworks Outlet Mall. Some old equipment, including cranes and line shafts, are still in place and can be seen while walking through the mall. More historical information on Goldie-McCulloch is available on the Southworks web site.