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Manufacturers Index - Cordesman, Meyer & Co.
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This firm was in business from 1887 through 1907, and probably both before and after that period. There were several other Cincinnati firms with Cordesman in their name, and this firm's connection with the others is unknown.

From January 1901 "The Wood Worker"

Information Sources

  • Article in the May 1887 issue of "Carpentry and Building" on their "single spindle friction friezer", a spindle shaper.
  • Ad in the May 1889 issue of "The Wood-Worker". "Cordesman, Meyer & Co. Manufacturers of a general line of wood-working machinery. Furniture and coffin factories, planing mills, wagon and carriage works, etc., etc., etc. Shafting, hangers, pulleys, etc., etc." The ad depicts their No. 2 band saw, variety wood-worker (a tablesaw-based combination machine), and No. 2 scroll saw. Company address is given as "Nos. 183 and 185 West Second Street, Cincinnati, Ohio."
  • Ad in the September, 1890 of issue of Carpentry and Building magazine. The address given is West 2nd St., Cincinnati, OH. A bandsaw and a shaper are shown.
  • Mentioned in Planers, Matchers & Molders in America as active in 1897.
  • The EAIA Directory of American Toolmakers reports an 1899 ad.
  • Catalog that gives their address as "OFFICE AND WORKS 53 to 57 Central Avenue 400 to 406 Augusta Street."
  • Used machine in 1917 catalog: single-spindle shaper