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Manufacturers Index - Frank H. Clement
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1934 Frank H. Clement Portrait

Before 1870, Frank H. Clement was employed at a Rochester builder of steam engines and boilers, Woodbury, Booth & Co., but that year he became an engineer and draftsman for W. S. Loughborough & Co., "patent solicitors and engineers". In 1872, Clement partnered with Thomas L. Turner to form woodworking machinery maker Turner & Clement, at 124 North Clinton in Rochester. Turner & Clement seemed to keep a fairly low profile until 1877, when Clement assumed control of the business, operating it under his name. The names Frank Clement, Frank H. Clement, F. H. Clement, and F. H. Clement & Co. were all used interchangeably. It is common to see it as Frank Clements or F. H. Clements in auction listings (which is why I list the misspellings here: so searches on the misspelled names will still find us.)

In its early years, Clement's bandsaw was especially successful for them and he was most strongly associated with that product. By 1890, his jointer was also becoming a well respected and successful product. In that year, Clement incorporated as F. H. Clement Co.

Ad from September 7, 1878 "Scientific American"

Ad from May 1887 "Carpentry and Building"

F. H. Clement Co. was one of the 11 companies that, in 1897, merged to form American Wood Working Machine Co. Several of those predecessor companies made jointers, but within a short time after the merger only the Clement jointer design remained.

Information Sources

  • The Drew, Allis & Co.'s Rochester Directory of 1871 lists Frank H. Clement as partner of Wm. S. Loughborough & Co., An ad for that firm says they are "Patent Solicitors and Engineers. The partners are listed as W. S. Loughborough, "For 20 years a Patent Solicitor", and F. H. Clement, "Formerly with Woodbury, Booth & Co., Steam Engine Builders". The 1870 directory carries an identical ad.
  • The Drew, Allis & Co.'s Rochester Directory of 1872 lists "Turner & Clement (T. L. Turner and F. H. Clement), machinists, 122 Mill".
  • The Drew, Allis & Co.'s Rochester Directory of 1875 lists "Turner & Clement (T. L. Turner and F. H. Clement), machinists, 122 Mill".
  • The Drew, Allis & Co.'s Rochester Directory of 1877 lists "Turner & Clement (T. L. Turner and F. H. Clement), machinists, 122 Mill". There is also a listing for Thomas L. Turner of Turner & Clement, residing at 124 North Clinton.
  • The August 1879 issue Manufacturer & Builder of has an article, "The Clement Band Saw Machine". The builder is referred to as "Frank H. Clement".
  • Commerce, Manufactures & Resources of Rochester, N. Y., 1881, has this summary:


    The demand for cheap furniture throughout the civilized world has been the means of creating another demand for machinery for wood working purposes, which in times prior to our own would never have been thought of. In this branch of business is engaged Frank H. Clement, who first started in 1871, along with one Turner, as Turner & Clement, but assumed entire control in 1877. His machine shop is fitted up with every device which mechanical skill has produced for aiding the artizan; and here about ten men are employed making machines for wood-working purposes.

    The special feature, however, of the business is that of turning out a band saw known to the trade as the Clement Patent Band Saw, an invention of Mr. Clement's own, and for which he secured the Medal of Excellence at the American Institute, New York, in 1879. This saw is made in five different sizes, is a perfect example of mechanical skill and ingenuity, and is marked by its utility to the requirements of the cabinet maker, chair maker and the furniture maker generally. Besides this machine, however, a special line of machinery is made to suit the wants of those engaged in the trades we have mentioned: and facilities are at command for completely fitting up a wood-working shop of any nature or size which may be required.

    We may mention that Jig Saws, Rod and Dowel Machines, Steel Saw Arbors, Plain lathes, Upright Moulders or Shapers, reversible or with double spindle, Boring Machines of four sizes, Side Wheel Jointers, Buzz Planers, with seven feet and four feet tables; Surface Planers and Cabinet Tenoners; all of which are so perfectly understood by the trade that the mere fact of our mentioning them is sufficient to indicate where such can be obtained, and that, in this work is our main purpose.

    Native to Monroe County, in which he was born in 1843, Mr. Clement has been for eighteen years engaged in connection with the making of wood-working machinery; and with this experience and a thorough knowledge of mechanics, the trade may at all times rely upon obtaining from him such machines only as shall secure to them the utmost satisfaction. Those here made have been sent all over the Union, and the turn-over annually amounts to about fifteen thousand dollars; sufficient evidence of their appreciation by the trade, whom we would recommend to apply to Mr. Clement for his catalogue before concluding a purchase elsewhere.

  • The August 1881 issue Manufacturer & Builder of has another article on the bandsaws of "F. H. Clement". It mentions that the 32-inch size was their biggest seller.
  • The October 1883 issue Manufacturer & Builder mentions that "F. H. Clement" was exhibiting a bandsaw at the New England Manufacturers’ and Mechanics’ Institute Fair.
  • The May 1889 issue of "The Wood-Worker" carries an ad for F. H. Clement. "Patent Improved Wood-Working Machinery. Shops Fitted Throughout the Very Best Manner. For Carpenters, Cabinetmakers, Chair Makers, Carriage and Wagon Builders, Jobbers, &c. First class work only. F. H. Clement, 124 Mill Street, Rochester, N. Y." The ad has engravings of a band resaw, a double spindle shaper ("friezer"), jointer, and automatic lathe.
  • Ad in the September, 1890 of issue of Carpentry and Building magazine: "Frank H. Clement, Rochester, NY (Woodworking Machinery- Band Saws, Variety Saw Benches, Patent 'Perfection' Buzz Planers".
  • According to an OWWM forum posting by Dan Warner, F. H. Clement incorporated in 1890.
  • An OWWM forum discussion provided useful information on Clement badges.