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Manufacturers Index - Parks Woodworking Machine Co.
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
374,425 Dec. 06, 1887 Tenoning-machine Lewis F. Parks Cincinnati, OH Here is an extract from a 1988 article on the Parks Ball Bearing Machine Co. by Dana Martin Batory: "(Parks) came to Cincinnati in 1884 and began to manufacture his first foot-powered mortising and tenoning machine which evolved into the GEM. Parks was the first to put such a tool on the market. In 1885, he introduced the first tenoning tool to be used in a mortising machine. He then had his first experience with the cut-throat business world of the 19th century. It was immediately copied by others. Patents obtained December 6, 1887, July 24, 1888, and November 19, 1889 solved the problem." The other two patents are 386,653 and 415,394, respectively.
386,653 Jul. 24, 1888 Tenoning-tool Lewis F. Parks Cincinnati, OH The invention is a chisel that can be used in a mortising machine to cut tenons rather than mortises.
An 1890 issue of "Manufacturer & Builder" has an article about L. F. Parks' "Improved foot-power mortising and tenoning machine". One of the illustrations clearly shows this patent date on a tenon cutter, along with the date for patent 374,425.
415,394 Nov. 19, 1889 Tenoning-machine Lewis F. Parks Cincinnati, OH Improvements to patent 374,425.
548,220 Oct. 22, 1895 Combination scroll-saw, lathe, boring machine, and rip saw Lewis F. Parks Cincinnati, OH
557,222 Mar. 31, 1896 Combination scroll-saw, lathe, boring machine Lewis F. Parks Cincinnati, OH
129,430 Nov. 22, 1910 Wood working machine Lewis Franklin Parks Cincinnati, OH This patent date was seen on a "Gem" foot-power mortiser from the Parks Ball Bearing Machine Co. and this patent for a combination machine is most likely the one being referenced.
989,283 Apr. 11, 1911 Woodworking machinery Lewis F. Parks Cincinnati, OH
989,284 Apr. 11, 1911 Spindle shaper Lewis F. Parks Cincinnati, OH
989,285 Apr. 11, 1911 Combination machine Lewis F. Parks Cincinnati, OH Machine is combination bandsaw, jointer, tablesaw, horizontal borer.