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Manufacturers Index - Burgmaster Corp.
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This company made turret drills that were widely used in manufacturing. They were intended as a metal-working tool, but as they have been superseded by CNC machines they are sometimes available for reasonable prices and make a nice drill press for a woodworking shop.

The company was founded by Fred G. Burg of Los Angeles, at some time after 1950 and before 1962. By 1968 the company was purchased by Houdaille Industries, Inc. As late as 1986 a patent was assigned to "Burgmaster - Houdaille, Inc."

Information Sources

  • Most of the information is taken from patent records.
  • This company's history is thoroughly explored in a book by the son of a long time employee. From Industry to Alchemy: Burgmaster, A Machine Tool Company, by Max Holland, was named by Business Week as one of the ten best business books of 1989. We highly recommend this book.