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Manufacturers Index - Greenfield Tap & Die Corp.
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The firm was formed in 1912 as a holding company producing thread cutting tools (taps and dies). The company was founded by Frederick Payne and Frank O. Wells of the Wells Brothers Co.

In 1912 this firm engineered a hostile takeover of Wiley & Russell Manufacturing Co., combining the two large businesses to create the world's largest tap and die firm. They expanded by buying out most of its local competitors and acquiring other firms for their product lines, including F. E. Wells & Son in 1917. These acquisitions usually resulted in discontinuing the company name and products not related to thread cutting.

Beginning in 1958 Greenfield Tap & Die Corp. went through a series of mergers, ownership and organizational changes. The company is still in Greenfield, albeit much smaller, as a subsidiary of Kennametal, Inc.

This web site's focus does not include hand tools, so Greenfield Tap & Die Corp. would not normally be of interest. However, when they acquired F. E. Wells & Son in 1917, the latter firm had in their product line a manual training lathe that Greenfield Tap & Die briefly sold as their "Little Giant" lathe. "Little Giant" was a Greenfield Tap & Die trademark (acquired in their 1912 purchase of Wells Brothers Co.) and was found on a broad line of its products.

Other firms acquired by Greenfield Tap & Die, e.g., Wiley & Russell Manufacturing Co., also made machinery of interest to woodworkers, but so far we cannot confirm that Greenfield Tap & Die continued making any woodworking machines other than the Little Giant lathe.

Please note that hand tools are outside of our scope. If you have questions related to this company, you can contact the Museum of Our Industrial Heritage.

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