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Manufacturers Index - Ames Plow Co.
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This firm had an office in New York and factory in Worcester, MA. They were related to Ames Shovel Co., also known as Ames Tool Co., which is the oldest existing company in the U.S.A.: since 1774. Ames Plow Co. was the retail arm, but patents were assigned to it, and it is unclear whether the Ames woodworking machines were made by Ames Tool Co., Ames Plow Co., or by another company entirely.

Information Sources

  • The Massachusetts corporate registry database lists this company's first registration as 1864-02-24.
  • 1870 ad for a hay-maker in an 1870 issue of "Tilton's Journal of Horticulture."
  • Listed in two separate 1870 business directories for New York State (55 Beekman, New York City).
  • 1891 catalog showing a "Hildreth's patent wood splitter" and a "portable circular saw machine".