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Manufacturers Index - Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Co.

Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Co.
Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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The company was established in or shortly before 1906 with the purchase of the lathe business of the Fosdick Machine Tool Co. Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Co. was reportedly bought by Cincinnati Milling Machine Co. in 1945 but continued to operate under their own name. They acquired the Canedy-Otto Manufacturing Co. in 1949. The Canedy-Otto Division was absorbed Cincinnati Lathe & Tool in the mid-1950s but their product line continued under the Cincinnati Lathe & Tool name.

Information Sources

  • The name was file with Ohio State on 9 February 1906. The "Co." changed to "Corp." in May 1970.
  • From Cassier’s Magazine September 1906 page vii:
    The Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Company, of Cincinnati, Ohio, are the successors of the late Fosdick Machine Tool Company, of that city, having purchased the lathe business of that company several months ago. The new company is in full running order. Mr. W. C. Heindel, who was connected with the Cincinnati Milling Machine Company for the past ten years, is president of the new company: Mr. A. B. Sowden is superintendent.
  • American Lathe Builders: 1810-1910 by Kenneth L. Cope, 2001 page 35