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Serial Number Registry Submission
Rockwell Manufacturing Co.
Pittsburgh, PA
Serial Number Registry Submission Form
Manufacturer: Rockwell Manufacturing Co.
Registry Steward: Don Tuleja
Machine Serial Number: *
Please input the Serial Number on the machine you are submitting. This is a required field.

Owners Name: *
Owners Email Address: *
E-mail addresses will not be displayed on the web site but is needed in case the Registry Steward needs addational information.

Machine Type: *
Select the type of machine this is from the drop down box above. If you do not find your machine type, select other and make a note as to the type in the Comments box below.

Machine Description: *
Enter a brief description of the machine being submitted. If you know the model number of the machine, please include that information.

Manufactured Date:
If you abosoultely know the date that the machine was made, please include that information here. If you do not know this information for a fact, please leave it blank or enter unknown. Guesses and ranges of years are not accepteable here. We will use this information to date other machines in the registry so we only want known dates to be entered.
Photo Index ID:
While not required, we strongly encourage you to submit a photo of your machine to the OWWM Photo Index before submitting Registry information. This will allow us to link a photo of your machine to your Registry submission. If you have already submitted a Photo Index submission on this machine, include the ID number here. The ID number can be found in the URL of the Photo Index submission, for example, in the following example, the ID is 4201: http://www.vintagemachinery.org/photoindex/detail.aspx?id=4201
* = Required Field

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