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Manufacturers Index - Luther Grinder Manufacturing Co.

Luther Grinder Manufacturing Co.
Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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11/17/2013 Drill Press Small Drill Press Thomson, Dale
01/08/2015 Drill Press Bench mounted drill press 9" ? Unk Unk P, Bob
08/29/2017 Drill Press Hand Cranked Bench Drill Press 9" P, Bob
06/05/2016 Grinder, Bench No. 6M Tool Grinders Lane, Mark
09/08/2016 Grinder, Bench 51 Model G Dimo-Grit 6" Parish, Chris
02/20/2017 Grinder, Bench Grinder, flat belt 10" Bregar, George
03/22/2014 Grinder, Bench Best Made No. 51, Model J, 6 1/2 inch wheel Pat. "D" Oct 10, 1905 None Hedlund, Donald
08/14/2013 Grinder, Bench grinder Camposilvan, Peter
12/14/2006 Grinder, Bench Mountable Hand Cranked Grinder Approx. 7 " in diameter Approx. 1922 patent Y16B Bressette, Tracy
12/30/2006 Grinder, Bench No 6M Mechanics Special 9 inches Approx. 1920-19? Y 16 B Bressette, Tracy
07/10/2007 Grinder, Bench Grinder Arbor 15" overall shaft length 1920's best guess McGowen, Richard
09/29/2008 Grinder, Bench Model Unknown-Belt Driven Bench Grinder 5" x 1" x 1/2" Unknown none Kachadurian, Brian
06/07/2009 Grinder, Bench Hummer No. 21 Model F 37" H x 30" L x 16" w/adjustable seat 1910 to 1920 best guess none found Cobb, David
12/16/2012 Grinder, Bench Luther Hand Grinder #2640 Bench Mount c 1930 Miller, David
09/17/2009 Grinder, Bench Luther Hand Grinder #51 Bench Mount c 1930 Miller, David
09/01/2010 Grinder, Bench #35 10" Bench mount Pohunek, Jan
12/17/2010 Grinder, Bench No. 4M 5inch dia. crank unknown Y64A young, mike
02/08/2011 Grinder, Bench A pair of #104's Strozewski, Paul
07/20/2011 Grinder, Bench No. 86 ca. 1919 L, John
07/22/2012 Grinder, Bench Best maide No1551 model J 6" circa 1916 steffen, Daniel
11/24/2012 Grinder, Bench Model 310 Dimo-Grit Grinder 6" 1920- SB80 P, Bob
12/02/2012 Grinder, Bench 6" grinder mandrel 6" Unknown n/a Johnson, Jim
11/04/2012 Grinder, Bench Dimo-Grit Model 83 "Spartan" 4 1/2" 1920- None P, Bob
12/04/2012 Grinder, Bench Mechanics Special 7" 1920- None P, Bob
01/18/2013 Grinder, Bench Model P500 5" 1930's or 1940's None found Durbin, Ronald
03/21/2013 Grinder, Bench No. 16 Tool Grinders Model 6" 1920-1930? Fuller, Scott
03/27/2013 Grinder, Bench Best Maide #51 5x1/12" Wheel Unk None P, Bob
05/13/2019 Grinder, Tool and Die Petal Powered Grinder Tate, Michelle
03/08/2016 Other Hummer No. 271 Model G Verge, Kelly
04/29/2013 Other Dimo Grit "Hummer" #271 6" 1920's None P, Bob